Friday, February 8, 2013

Why I Can't Paint My Living Room

I'm frozen, can't move, can't go in any direction.

No...I don't live in the Northeast...I'm having decorating issues.

I want to paint my living room but......

We are planning on knocking down a wall soon and when we remove that wall then we will need to put down new floors and then since my living room and kitchen will flow together my kitchen will need painting also and if we are going to do all that then I may as well build the bookcases and window seat that I've always wanted and I want the wall that the television will hang on to be covered in old pallet wood and once I paint,  a greige color, I think, then I will need all new furniture and frankly we can't afford to do all of this so (deep breath)  maybe I should wait and not paint at all?

Because it seems like if I start this all....then I will open a can of worms.

You get it.....right?

But as you see...I really need to paint...this room is dark!

I drew a line and the arrow on the wall that we want to take down. 

My kitchen/breakfast area is on the other side.

I still could go ahead and paint but truly will that mustard yellow couch not look awful if I paint a grey color or really a greige color on the wall?

And I can't get new furniture yet (and I don't want to do slipcovers) because college kid has one more year but I'm about to go nuts to change things around here.

It's been a long time coming.....maybe the answer is to quit reading blogs and stay off of Pinterest...:)

If my house were only a salad.

What do you mean?

There is a precise way to eat your salad.

You get your Southwest McDonalds salad with grilled chicken and carefully take the top off the container.

Then you take out the hard, white lettuce, the yucky purple lettuce, and any carrots that may be too thick.

This is what was taken out of the salad.

And then you carefully cut your chicken into perfect bite sized pieces and your lettuce also.

Then you pour your dressing evenly over the entire salad.

Stir, so your corn and beans won't all be on the bottom.

And what's left?

The perfect bite!

And that, my friends, is why I can't paint my living room.


Holly said...

I totally did not understand what you were trying to explain about paint until you showed me that picture of your salad. Now everything in the universe makes sense again. I fear your head may not be quite right. I say, go buy the salad at McDonalds, take EVERYTHING out and put a piece of cake on your plate. That makes the best salad ever.

Lisa Tucker said...

Hmmm...cake salad....genius!!! And I'm sure then I could paint my living room!..:)) Thanks!..:))

An Historical Lady said...

If it were me, I'd have taken a sledge hammer to the wall by myself, providing I could first be assured it was NOT load-bearing! I USED to 'suprise' my then-husband with room de-struction and construction projects when he arrived home, doing as much as I could myself since he worked all the time, lol!
Whatever you do, I know it will look grand!

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I hear you, one change leads to sweeping changes all through...

It's a little like deciding to move a plant in the garden, just one plant that isn't in the right spot. The next thing you know, it's late in the day, the garden is all dug up, and no plants are in the ground...

It's a mess for awhile, but after it's done, it's all good.
Now go ahead and make the first change.


Lynn said...

Go for it, Lisa. It’s paint . . . we have six weeks to go for inside tweaking and it’s back to being outside more. What the heck is “greige” color? Fifty shade of grey I know.

Lisa Tucker said...

OK ladies you have inspired me....I will go ahead and paint....and possibly knock a wall down...but it is load bearing...I'll just leave the studs. Lynn...greige is gray and beige...depending on the all should realize that I'm not these talented little bloggers who starts a project and a day later it is done. It is very possible that I will have greige walls, a yellow mustard couch and open studs for a year...just saying....oh...and it will be all your

Lynn said...

Good decision, Lisa. I looked at your pins ~ very nice. I love the comments you put on your pins. I would mat your pictures in mustard to match your couch, which I love, by the way, with your chairs.

Old Time Cindy said...

I hear what you are saying. I picked out my paint and bought it in November of 2011. How's that for being overwhelmed? There are other issues in our living room that need to be addressed, but I'm tired of how it looks right now. Oh, we can totally bond!
Farmhouse hugs,

Lisa Tucker said...

Thanks have made me feel so much maybe we should challenge each other...:) Not to finish..that may be too much for us....but the first one to start....haha