Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Saga Continues.....

If you are reading my posts lately you will know that yesterday was kind of a disaster and at the end of the day I was so ready to just go to bed and let it be over with.

And it was great until 3:33 a.m. and the phone rang.

Well of course it scared us to death because it is never good news at that time in the morning.

It was college kid and he was fine except he was parked at a friends house in college town and it was a no parking place (although he said he has parked there many times) (which I told him doesn't make it suddenly legal) and when he went to go home the authorities had put a boot on his tire.

G  r   e  a  t.

He knew he was going to be in trouble with us, so smart, college kid that he is, he tried to pry it off with no success of course.

He called the number that they left on it and they told him it was going to cost $80 to get it off and college kid only had $40 to his name.  We do not give college kid a lot of extra money at college because we do not think that is good for him.....also no credit card or check.

So we tell him on the phone to get a cab and go home and I would bring him money later that day.

Well, the hour and a half that it took me to get there gave me plenty of time to get the "Time to grow up and be responsible" speech perfected.

He meets me at the door with "I'm so sorry...did I ruin your day....I will make it up to you...blah...blah...blah"

This is how you know....that he knows.....that he is in trouble.

A.  He tell me many times that I am the greatest Mom in the world. (I am...but he usually doesn't tell me)

B.  He asked if you will spend the day with him....just spend some time together. (Ha! this makes me laugh....he never wants me to stay long when I visit)

C.  He informs you that he and his friends are going to church tomorrow. (Good! Now I'm really worried)

D.  He has a friend with him at all times. (smart boy)

So we go to pick up his truck and call the people who put the boot on it and they inform us since wise, college kid tried to pry the boot off, it is damaged and we have to pay for the whole thing!!!!!!!

Dear Jesus, please protect this child!

Well I told them that if we were going to pay for it then I wanted the boot (maybe I can sell it for scrap iron?...I'm desperate people) and he informed me that he was suppose to call the law and we said never mind and we gave him all my money and we got outta there.

Now college kid is so sugary sweet that I think I have an extra cavity......but that will not work on dear old Dad..........(bumbumbummmmmm) (scary music)

So I take him and his friend, that won't leave his side, to a sandwich shop (cause all I had left was $20) and that wasn't enough so we looked in hubby's truck that I drove and found a $5.

I leave college town completely broke......I think I had $1 and I took 1/4 of a sandwich home.

On the way home I decide to take a few bites of the sandwich because I didn't have much of an appetite when we ate.

Bad mistake because I didn't have anything to drink or money and the bread was a chewy, crusty bread....choke...choke.

I envisioned me in the ditch on the side of the road with a police officer standing at the window saying
"Mrs. Tucker, were you speeding?"
Me: No Sir

"Mrs. Tucker, were you texting and driving?"
Me: No Sir

"Mrs. Tucker, were you drinking?"
Me: No Sir....and that was the problem! I was choking to death on a sandwich! And I couldn't afford to buy something to drink!

"Mrs Tucker, I see a dollar could buy a drink with that"
Me: "Well I really needed a chocolate candy bar...:)"

So the moral of the story is:

 College Kids will break you down until you are counting pennies under the seat cushions.

... and..... 

don't eat and drive unless you can drink and drive (water of course)

But I'm home now and college kid needs your prayers after Dad processes all of this and I think I will go bury myself under the blankets and not come out until March!

The End......please, oh please...let this be the end....:)


My Maine Blog said...

Oh Lisa...been there, done that, wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too many times, wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too many phone calls in the middle of the night or day or weekend or morning or away at college and on and on.

You are amazing...Even under all that stress you still manage to write something so amazing to make light of a bad situation.

You are much better than I ....and we're still broke from all the car mishaps, etc.

Well anyway I hope you have been able to breathe a little bit between all of your adventures....ain't life grand?

If it helps to know someone who relates....well that would surely be me. The road is long and there's bumps along the way but all really good lessons our kids learn and most likely you'll never have to deal with something like that again. : )

Lisa Tucker said...

Great words of wisdom really make me feel better and you're right...a lesson learned and I hope not repeated. The phone call could have been much worse and I am so grateful for that.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Uh two girls in college right now. I can so relate. My oldest rear ended someone last year and we told her she had to pay the deductible for the insurance to fix our car. It was an expensive lesson for her.

Lisa Tucker said...

Oh Elaine.....two?!!! wow! I feel we will be rich if he ever gets out of college...:)

Theresa said...

TOO FUNNY!!!! I laughed out loud at the "friend won't leave his side". Hahaha!!!!

And about asking to keep the boot, hilarious. I am still a few years away from having college age kids, but I should probably start saving like mad, now.

Lisa Tucker said... all you, save and save some more and it still won't be