Friday, February 22, 2013

A Weather Forecast

The weather forecast today  51 degrees and 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms through the night.

I always have great intentions to clean, organize, work outside and then I wake up (ha...I should stop right  and it's cold or raining.

I find I can't function at 100% unless the weather is good.

Even inside work doesn't get a thorough job because I want to sit by the fire.
I read  blogs (another part of the problem) and you guys are so energetic and efficient.

You make me sick want to do better.

 I will do better!!!

I will clean and organize!!!

I will not be lazy!!!!

My personal weather forecast is cheery, with a slight chance of  organization, a greater chance of cleaning and into the evening some cooking. 

 The forecast is looking good!

Just as soon as it's 75 degrees and sunny....:)
Have a blessed day....:)))))


Old Time Cindy said...

I'm the same way and here I thought I was the only one. Need a beautiful day to get anything accomplished.
Farmhouse hugs,

Lisa Tucker said...

So glad to hear you say that...:)
Somehow after looking at your blog I don't know if I believe you...your home and blog are amazing! Thanks for the comment..:)