Sunday, August 31, 2014

Another "I Love Lucy" Moment

I had a four foot wide black stripe painted at the shop yesterday.

 It went from the front of the store all the way to the back.

 Everyone left and I stayed to do a few things and of course I eventually needed to go to the restroom. 

In this first photo do you see the door on the OTHER side of the stripe from me?

....yes....that would be the bathroom.

 Now I know you are thinking a 4 ft wide stripe would be easy to jump but it was really a little wider 

because they taped both sides and there was paint on the tape also.

 And this 50 year old overweight out of shape short legged woman was pretty sure she couldn't jump over the stripe.

 I took my shoes off and laid them about 4 ft.across from each other on the floor on my side and 

practiced jumping (which wasn't helping the bathroom issue)

 and could see quickly I was not a jumper. idea came to this "I Love Lucy" mind of mine.

 Do you see the door that is open over the stripe?

 Well....I pulled and tugged to see if it would hold me and after deciding that it had plenty of strong 

screws in the extra large hinges....

 I straddled that sucker hanging on for dear life and swung..........

and it stopped.....right in the middle...

 Well...i do not have upper body strength and I sure couldn't hold myself on the door with one hand and

 push with the other so I was stuck......

a big fat woman straddling a door hanging in the middle of a stripe of wet paint!

 I am so glad no one was there to see this!!!

 I could only reeeach my big toe as faaaaaaaar as I could (which wasn't far enough)

 and pull the door and me closer to the other side. (see photo #2)

(that's nasty...I tried to clean it)

 Not quite a complete success but I was at the bathroom...yippeee!!!!

 I was happy for about one minute and then I realized............

I had to go BACK over the stripe of wet paint!!!

 Same know the drill.......

let's all say it together......"Don't tell Shannon"..

Friday, August 22, 2014


Lisa is tired.....

But God is great!!

Our new business location!!!

We've waited 5 months to get approved for this new business and the day that we

open our doors look what we see!!!

It's a long, wonderful faith story that I will share more with you later!!

Just remember, hang in there....with God anything is possible!!

And then the icing on the cake...

I found this out!!!

Skinny is out!!!

Isn't that wonderful!!

I'm thinking I can fake strong better than I can fake skinny....:)

Just checking in with ya...

this girl is heading to bed!

Hope things are going well for you all!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Coopville Diaries!!!!! An all new season!

Time now for the all new season of...............


Rod:  Okay!!!

Everyone gather around!!

We've got to make plans for Lisa's birthday party!!

Kloe, Kourtney and Kim:  ooohhh....we love to par-tey!!

Rod:  Pssst.. Millie....I can't trust the Kardashi-hens......they always spend way too much money.
I'm putting you in charge of this party.

Ummm....Rod....I've got bad news.

I heard those human folks gave her a party last night...but that's not the worst part.

They dressed up like chickens!!!!!!  


Millie:  Yes, like chickens...

Can you believe that?!!!!

The nerve of them.....we don't dress up like humans!!!

and that's not all.......

she had a chicken cake.....

that she was taking selfies with!!!

Rod:   Well he does look like me.......rather a handsome fellow don't you think?

Millie:  ROD!!!!  Snap out of it!!

That's not all!  

I saw them bring home a new addition to our family....


and he was....................very big.

Rod:   Well...ummm....I...ummm.....I'm not scared!!

Where is he?

Oh....there you head

you got that?..

okay...good....umm...let's go girls....hurry....

I mean....hurry because we have to get ready for the party...

Millie:  Wow....we can't compete with what those humans did for her last night.

Rod: Hmmm....let me think......I've got it!!!

Hurry girls....we've got to catch that truck I saw go by!!!

Millie:  I will be decorating the shed while y'all are chasing the truck!!

 Hmmm....add some balloons here, some bunting there....


Rod:  Okay girls.....let's get the presents wrapped!

Sambo (the cat):  What in the world are you dumb chickens up to now?

Rod: Kim, you go get her and bring her out back.

Kim:  I love my outfit....I look goood....I know my sisters wished they had an outfit like mine...does it make my butt look big.........I sure hope so.....teeheehee

Rod:  KIM!!!!!!

Kim:  okay...I'll go get her.

Knock, knock....

Kim:  Oh hello.....ummm.....we want you to come to the shed for a minute.



Lisa:  Oh wow!!!!!!  Y'all are the best!!!!  
 How in the world did y'all blow up those balloons with your itty bitty beaks?

Lucy:  Well I'll tell know Kim is full of hot air so we let her...heeheebokbok..

Lisa:  Well it's wonderful!!!  Thank you all!!!

It's been the best birthday ever and it's not even here yet....

it's Saturday!!

Fifty sure has been fabulous!!

What can be better than your family, friends and fowl giving you a party?


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Coffee Confrontation

Let me start off by saying I always make the coffee!
  But this morning the animals were all hungry and made me fall behind schedule.
  I walk back into the kitchen and HORROR OF HORRORS Shannon is making the coffee.
  Now this would be fine except I hid the box of Little Debbie chocolate cupcakes right above the
coffee filters.
  I'm watching it all unfold
in slow was too late to stop him......the cabinet opens.....

he reaches up and I see him pause.....

he tilts the open box of cupcakes forward and one....

.the very last one (oh, the shame) slides forward.....
but I wasn't quite shamed enough not to be thinking, oh please don't eat
the last one.

  His skinny self pushes it back into the box and turns to
me and says "I won't eat your last one" with a smirk on his face...

he says "who were you hiding these from?" and he laughed.

my brain is frantically trying to come up with a reason that they are hidden

 and a reason that they are all gone but one.

 Not able to come up with a good reason I decide to just be indignant so all I said was
 "HMMPH!" and turned and stomped off
 and turned right back around and walked past him
and took the last cupcake and stomped back past him.............
and as I
walked away I heard him laughing. The NERVE OF HIM!!