Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Naps, NOLA, Beach, Birthdays and Girlfriends

 I'm going to try and catch you up on what's been happening around here.

Some of us have been busy, busy.......some of us still nap.

Hubby and I made a quick trip to NOLA to see some friends of ours.

This was the pic I sent to her to prove we were on our way.

Eek!!  I probably scared her to death! 
#puffyeyes  #nomakeup  #fangs

And when I say a quick trip.....we left on Tuesday around lunch and got up Wednesday

morning at 5:30 to head back home.

Sunrise over New Orleans....

The Super Dome

Lake Pontchartrain

Then on the weekend we went to the beach where my brother lives

and had an early birthday celebration for my mom.

There are several different routes to take to the beach and I took the tunnel route.

Big mistake.....

Saw this sign while out shopping.....

So true...

Then on Monday I was to go out with my girl friends!

Since my mirror in my bathroom tells me lies...

"Oh you look great Lisa"

"you don't look fat at all Lisa"

"have you lost weight Lisa?"

I have to take a photo of myself with my camera and then look at myself

to make the best decision on what to wear.

Really just to pick out the least horrible outfit....uggg

Because I am stupid enough to have chosen these beautiful girls as my friends!

What was I thinking?!!!!!

And there were three others just that gorgeous that I didn't have a photo of.

I would dump them all if I didn't love them so...

I then get depressed and the next morning eat Little Debbie cakes with my coffee.

It's a vicious cycle....

Well I think I caught you up on my shenanigans....

No wait....

Last night hubby and I were on the couch and I said to him...

"I told my friends you were going to get me a henway for my birthday."

He said..."huh?"

I said "you know a are going to get me one for my birthday."

He said.."what the heck's a henway?"

I said  "about 2 pounds!!"



I hope you, my fabulous blog girlfriends, have a wonderful week!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Saturday and Sunday

 Wasn't the Super Moon beautiful?

I sure hope you all got to see it!

Do you see the light in the window on the top pic?

That was me earlier that night (because of course it was not me then because I was taking the picture.)
 (why did I feel the need to tell y'all that?)


that was me.....still in Quick Books Hades....

moving on......that's all I'm going to say about that (in my Forest Gump voice)

If you have been reading my blog very long then you know one of our (me and hubby) favorite

things to do is ride the roads.....especially the dirt roads.

With the windows down and the radio on and the dogs in the back.

We sure do solve a lot of life's problems that way....:)

 At the end of some of those dirt roads are friends of ours with a barn and some cows.

Now if you have cows and are not taking photos of them.....shame on you!

They love to have their photos taken!...:)

Aren't they so cute!

Then today I got outside before church and took these photos.

Orange kitty is a stray that has been staying at my house for months now.

My male kitty is not happy about this tom living here.

I didn't know Tom has been leasing the big bird house to live in.

I think the birds have been evicted......(I hope that is what happened to them)

Well...that concludes my Saturday and Sunday.

I hope yours was enjoyable as well.

If the Lord is willing we will rise tomorrow with a brand new day.

And don't forget we get to choose the attitude we will enjoy it with.

I hope you make the right choice....:)


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Purpose of Weeds

I had a great 4th and I hope you did as well.

I posted these photos on face book

"Finally got invited to play with the pros"

and I posted this one..

"Guess who the winning team was!"

And then I posted...

"To finish the day off perfectly college kid made us grilled venison fajitas!"

Do you ever feel guilty when you post good times on face book?

I don't ever want to make people feel bad or to make people think that my life is perfect.

In fact....most people don't know what's really going on in each others lives.

Do they know that this family day together couldn't have come at a better time?

Can they see the lack of sleep circles under our eyes?

I am a very happy person and I have great faith but it doesn't mean that I don't stress out over things.

I try not to but I do.

There is a lot going on with our life right now.

College kid is finishing college and needs a job.

Oldest kid is searching for a home of his own.

Hubby and I are starting all over in our fifties with our career path.

We have a beautiful life but it is filled with weeds!

Yes....I said weeds.

I was working in the yard yesterday and I was thinking of all of these things.

I was already frustrated and then I started working on my flower beds.

 I was mad because weeds were growing everywhere!

Why Lord?

Weeds are ugly.

They are time consuming.

They mess up all of your hard work.

They are frustrating.

They grow in the wrong places at the wrong times.

What is their purpose Lord?

And do you know what answer I got back?




It's not for me to know.

There are things that only God knows.

And apparently what's the purpose of weeds is one of them.

And so is the reason "weeds" are in my life.

Only God knows.

He has a plan for my future......

and if that involves "weeds" in my life then who am I to say they shouldn't be there.

They can be ugly and time consuming and show up at the wrong times and

definitely frustrating but they must have a purpose

because God put them there.

So I need to learn that I don't know all the answers,

I can ask but may never get the answers....

much less the answers that I want.

The best that I can do is trust and lean on the Lord.

Every year there are weeds in my gardens...

But it doesn't mean that my flowers aren't growing also.


Thanks for listening.



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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Third Of July

The morning started out promising....

A little coffee....a cozy devotion.

Then I check the weather.

Which isn't so bad for this week...most days have been 97 and 98.

Plus I'm not planning on going outside.

In walks hubby....

He says..

I'm working in the shop...I have to get these orders finished.

The man delivered the sod..........and I can't help you.

Me:  blink, blink.....

It needs to be put out today....he says.


what about my nearly severed finger?  I say.

He walks over to me and I'm thinking he is going to examine my (nearly severed) finger

and he lovingly says

"here's some gloves."




And just now he walks up with a big box of peas and 

at least he had the nerve to sheepishly say

"these really need to be blanched and put up today."








Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lesson Learned.....

Yesterday I went was lured to my parents house with the invitation to eat a fresh vegetable supper.

It was delicious.

But.....then the real reason I was asked to help hand tin up to the roof to my brother and son, who 

were helping to put a new roof on my parents house.

This is what I learned from yesterday.

Things I found out yesterday........

1. Tin is not your friend. It will cut your hand, leg and head off. #unfriendtin

2. If you have greasy, sweaty unwashed hair you may have to go to the ER.#didn'tgo #hadgreasysweatyhair

3. After taking a close up photo of my hand I realize my hand and fingers are as fat as the rest of me #sausagefingers #mostlyLittleDebbiesfault

4. Prayer and Little Debbie's can fix anything. #needtobuyanotherbox#mayhaveoverdosed

5. If hubby is ever concerned or sympathetic I need to go straight to the hospital because I am surely dying. #unconcerned #unsympathetic


It really is much better today.

I don't think I'm going to die...:)

Just knew you would want to know about my exciting day. 

#mylife  #likewatchingpaintdry  #itisbadwhenthiswastheexcitementoftheweek

Have a great 4th everyone!!!!

Be safe!!

Monday, June 30, 2014

My Blog Writing Process - A Blog Tour

A week or so ago my good friend and fellow blogger Debby Ray from My Favorite Things

contacted me about joining in on a blog tour.

She would feature me and I would answer 4 questions and then I would pass the torch

to someone else.

My first thoughts were NOOOOOOO!!!  I am the worlds worst procrastinator and if you

give me a deadline I can barely function.

But I love her so what was I to do?

So I worried and worried and wrung my hands and couldn't watch t.v. because "I had a deadline" and 

I couldn't concentrate on Quick Books because "I had a deadline" and my husband would say let's go 

somewhere and I would say NO...I've got a deadline!

So here I am after having a full week to do this, I am just starting this post and it's Friday Saturday!!!!

To make matters worse I didn't let my poor friend that I picked to go after me know anything until today!

She was like "ummm....sure......can I have a little time to get my links together for you?"

Sweat popped out on my forehead and I was like "uhhh.....sure."

Now if you do not know my friend Debby Ray from My Favorite Things at just take a look at this.

Is that not beautiful?!!!

This is her own photography!


isn't she the cutest?!!

Please visit will not be sorry.  I stumbled upon her blog when she made her very

first post.  I couldn't believe that she had already figured out how to make the cutest

header I had ever seen!!  And then I read her fabulous post with her fabulous photos!!

You will all be as smitten as I am.

 I am sure of it!!

Okay, so here is the first question:

Ha! This piece of course!!  Nothing else is in this head but finishing this assignment!

I am NOT a person that thinks ahead.  

I never have blog posts ahead of time just sitting and waiting to be posted.

I blame it on my medical condition......couchitis.

So next question!

First, I'm pretty sure I don't fit in any category out there.  

My genre is unorganized, messed up, I Love Lucy-ish, embarassing, moments in my daily life.

I actually had a blog party host tell me she featured me because she said "who in the

world would put a picture like this on her blog?"

And that was a good day....:)

I'm always confused about sharing my posts in  blog parties because the titles are usually like

Monday's Show and Tell

Tuesday's Terrific Kitchen

Wednesday's Wardrobe

Thursday's Summer Parties

Friday's Food Recipes

Do I post the above photo to Wednesday's Wardrobe?????


I need parties like.....






Now those are parties I could participate in!

I did have friends to suggest me hosting these parties.....pshhhhh....

do you not know me?

I am typing this assignment at the 11th hour!

Do NOT put me in charge of anything!

Moving on....

Now that's a great question.

  Many times after I push "post" I think "why in the world would I share that?"

And for awhile I really thought about giving it all up because I knew I didn't compare with

most other bloggers.

But then one day I sat down and started reading my old posts.

It was like reading my diary with photos!!

I loved how it brought that certain day right back to my memory!

So now I really post for has made me really enjoy blogging again.

I wake up.

Haha...that's it.

I wake up and start my day.......

usually something crazy, wacky or embarrassing

happens on most days.

I will then turn my life lessons into stories or maybe just  list  my "knowledge" to share with y'all.

For example...


                                   Ten Things That I Know

1.  I don’t want to live in a world without sunshine.
2.  One step forward and two steps back will get you nowhere.
3.  Black yoga pants are responsible for me gaining weight.
4.  Cold and wet weather are responsible for me gaining weight.
5.  I will blame others for me gaining weight.
6.  Biscuits and syrup are a great couple.
7.  If your C-section scar is deep and wide and you didn’t have a C-section then you may need          to diet.
8.  Having skinny friends is like being friends with fish----they like the ocean, the river and any        pool of water that you have to wear a bathing suit.
9.  Fried fish is good.
10. Your belly should not hang out the leg hole of your bathing suit.

I also have quite the imagination....

I have a soap opera series about my chickens,

Rod Stewart and the Kardashi-hens

and my other chickens called

You should tune in sometime!

But even with all the wackiness in my life I still get to enjoy God's creation and all of it's beauty

and I do enjoy sharing that also.

So there you have it....

you now know that I am a little loco....heehee

and if you need further proof then follow my blog...:)

Now......if you would like to follow a completely sane and totally awesome blogger

I will introduce to you Debbie from A Million Skies!

My Photo

She is so cute too.....why are ALL of you so pretty?...:)

I really need some tips.

Her blog is like a breath of fresh air.

A Million Skies

Just look at that header!!

She shares the best recipes, the most inspirational posts and just look how cute her home is...

Here are the links to some of her favorite posts....

hurry on over there and check her out!!!

You will love her....I promise....:)

Debbie's post will be up Monday, July 7

I can't wait to read about her blogging process!!

So thank you if you made it ALL the way through this very long post.

I love my readers and I hope some new ones dropped in to visit.