Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Face Book Posts

So sorry....I have no time...
so I'm filling y'all in with my latest face book posts....
September 22
Crimany!!! I went to the bank (wink, wink) in Jackson and kind of stopped by Cato's and bought some stuff and I forgot that I was carpooling with Shannon today!!!!! #carpoolingwithspousehindershoarding
September 23
I can't think straight, I'm a little light headed, my back hurts and I feel like I have a kidney infection.............this spanx tank top has got to go!!!!! all I have to worry about is Dunlop know...
where your belly dunlopped over your pants...:(
Later that evening....
So I wrestle.... and I mean almost panicked and called someone into the bathroom to help me get the spanx tank off.....but then I realized I work with all men so that wouldn't work so I work and work and pant and sweat and I'm thinking I sure hope no one is outside the bathroom door because it sounds like I'm birthing a baby in there and of course I walk out right in to Shannon talking to two men and I quickly wad up the spanx and hold my left arm straight down by my side hoping to hide it. I did get some stares from them but I can't decide if they saw it, heard it or wondered about my sweaty red face. #workwoes #mychickensdontcareifiwearsweatsuits
September 24
Last night Shannon is looking around the messy house and he says "why don't you take a day off and........ (my left eye is starting to twitch and I feel my eyes squinting and I am staring burning daggers at him) and he says.... "and..........spend some time with your animals." #smartman #verysmartman

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Friday, September 19, 2014


Working on my office...
this Bible verse kept us going during the months of not knowing what our future held.
We got our sign the other day...whoop whoop!!
And our business cards...:)
 And yes...I am a genius...
that is an ATV tire on the wall holding a plant...:)
I'm either a genius or just tired....heehee
get it...tired...
That's all I've got right now...I hope to show you more later...
Have a great weekend my friends!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Helllloooooo Out Therrrre!!


I'm just popping in to check up on all of you!

Boy have I missed you guys!!!!!!!

I am sad to say that I haven't had any time to read my blogs and

that makes me very sad...:(

I'm so happy to have today with all of you..

I'm so happy I could hug you and squeeze you and call you George!

I am quite surprised by my feelings as I turn the key each and every morning and open the

door to my office in our very own business.

It feels great.

Very, very hard work to getting billion trips to Walmart and it seems

like your spending one trillion dollars and it's amazing how not having the smallest item like

a stapler will have you going yet again to Wally World.

We come home very late each night and I do believe my chickens are mad at me.

I was able to go home before dark the other day and the sky was beautiful!

And all I have on my mind is praise for the Lord because he has blessed us so.

I did the ALS cold water challenge with Rod Stewart...:)

And let me tell you...that ice water will take your breath away!!

I also donated my money...:)

No chickens were harmed in this video...:)

I will say that I understand why people that work full time, especially moms,

try to savor every moment they can.

My sweet great niece came to visit and I so enjoyed it....

But this has been the most incredible two months of our lives!!!

I turned 50 and had not one but two surprise birthday parties...

three...if you count the one the chickens gave me...:)

My sweet boys wrote 50 things that they love about me and I will cherish this forever and ever!

We found out that we were approved for our dealership on Shannon's birthday, which is 3 days after mine.

I'm already starting to settle into a new routine and I hope I can get back to catching up with all my

wonderful blogging friends soon.

Hubby and I are working together pretty well......except he doesn't like to eat breakfast AND lunch

AND some snacks in

He has no idea that my official looking filing cabinet is holding a giant bag of Recee's

in the top drawer.

But I do think he has noticed that I'm no longer wearing blue jeans....:(

I almost bought this at Office Max the other day but I didn't think he would

think it was as funny as I did.

He's not really one....thank goodness he is very smart but we may need the part about

surviving without killing each


life is good around these parts and I really hope it is at your house.

I hope y'all have a fabulous week!!!