Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring Projects!

Land sakes!

 I know this is going to be hard to believe but I worked hard!

I have a mile long list of projects to get done before it gets Summer time and too hot to do them.

It was a beautiful day and I see Spring popping out everywhere.

I cleaned out the old dog yard and tore apart an old wooden dog house.  

Sheesh that was hard work!

I've been wanting to make some raised garden beds but didn't want to spend the money and these old boards will work just fine.

I just have to pull out all the nails.  Note to self....only use more nails...:(

I really want to build these......but I have my doubts that it will happen.

I let the chickens out and they followed me to the shed and they loved having a good dust bath.

Everyone was enjoying the sunshine.  She is on leash patrol....she ran off yesterday and we found her about 5 miles away.

My husband's father (who is no longer with us) made this deer feeder and my husband wants me to use it for something.  I think it will be lovely with flowers planted in it.

We have this old wheel barrow that I need to paint and plant with flowers.

All of my flower beds need sprucing up and I want to plant a tree near the chicken coop and maybe add some flower pots.
Pinned Image

And many, many, many more projects.

So what did I do today?

I painted my clothes line that my husband finally finished and hung up my chicken sign.  I can't wait to hang some pretty flowering pots from her.

I hung out the wash, the chickens are scratching up some critters, and I'm about to cook up some vittles.

It is what my country heart calls a good day.

Y'all come back now, you hear!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What Is Your Goal?

My husband asked me the other day "What's your goal with this blogging?"

This came after I was explaining why I am at the computer ALL the time.

I wanted to say "I'm going to make us RICH! I say RICH!" "People will read my wonderful words and they will be begging me to write more and more and then I will have book publishers throw contracts at me and advertisers will pay me oodles and oodles of money."

But I said..."ummmm.....ahh...I just enjoy writing about our crazy life and reading about others."

"It helps me practice writing and maybe one day I can write a book or something."

He said, "Ok..just wondering."

In reality after blogging and getting a grand total of 17 followers (thank you so much my 17 followers..each and every one of you have made me smile the day I looked on the computer and saw I had a follower) I realize this is NOT going to make me

And I realize that I don't have an iota of talent after reading so many  talented bloggers.

So I will season my dream with a little reality and just write for the enjoyment of writing.

I thank each and every one of you that read my posts, and am so very grateful for comments because without them I would think that no one purposely looks for my blog.

I imagine when I see that I had 100 views today that most were trying to look up "country" or "chickens" or how to spell "ordinary" and just got mistakenly sent to my

If anything I look at it as a form of a diary and can enjoy looking back.

I can't tell you all how much I've enjoyed your blogs....I love the decorating, and the projects but what I really love is how you spend just a simple day.

So keep up the good work and I will keep on keeping on...:)

And I will ask you this question......what is your goal?

Sunday, February 24, 2013



Get comfortable....

Imagine 72 degrees...

Sun shining and warming your skin....

Just the slightest breeze and no humidity...

Birds singing....

And you swinging.....

Spring is almost here.....

What a beautiful day today.....


Be Still...

PSALM 46:10

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Saga Continues.....

If you are reading my posts lately you will know that yesterday was kind of a disaster and at the end of the day I was so ready to just go to bed and let it be over with.

And it was great until 3:33 a.m. and the phone rang.

Well of course it scared us to death because it is never good news at that time in the morning.

It was college kid and he was fine except he was parked at a friends house in college town and it was a no parking place (although he said he has parked there many times) (which I told him doesn't make it suddenly legal) and when he went to go home the authorities had put a boot on his tire.

G  r   e  a  t.

He knew he was going to be in trouble with us, so smart, college kid that he is, he tried to pry it off with no success of course.

He called the number that they left on it and they told him it was going to cost $80 to get it off and college kid only had $40 to his name.  We do not give college kid a lot of extra money at college because we do not think that is good for him.....also no credit card or check.

So we tell him on the phone to get a cab and go home and I would bring him money later that day.

Well, the hour and a half that it took me to get there gave me plenty of time to get the "Time to grow up and be responsible" speech perfected.

He meets me at the door with "I'm so sorry...did I ruin your day....I will make it up to you...blah...blah...blah"

This is how you know....that he knows.....that he is in trouble.

A.  He tell me many times that I am the greatest Mom in the world. (I am...but he usually doesn't tell me)

B.  He asked if you will spend the day with him....just spend some time together. (Ha! this makes me laugh....he never wants me to stay long when I visit)

C.  He informs you that he and his friends are going to church tomorrow. (Good! Now I'm really worried)

D.  He has a friend with him at all times. (smart boy)

So we go to pick up his truck and call the people who put the boot on it and they inform us since wise, college kid tried to pry the boot off, it is damaged and we have to pay for the whole thing!!!!!!!

Dear Jesus, please protect this child!

Well I told them that if we were going to pay for it then I wanted the boot (maybe I can sell it for scrap iron?...I'm desperate people) and he informed me that he was suppose to call the law and we said never mind and we gave him all my money and we got outta there.

Now college kid is so sugary sweet that I think I have an extra cavity......but that will not work on dear old Dad..........(bumbumbummmmmm) (scary music)

So I take him and his friend, that won't leave his side, to a sandwich shop (cause all I had left was $20) and that wasn't enough so we looked in hubby's truck that I drove and found a $5.

I leave college town completely broke......I think I had $1 and I took 1/4 of a sandwich home.

On the way home I decide to take a few bites of the sandwich because I didn't have much of an appetite when we ate.

Bad mistake because I didn't have anything to drink or money and the bread was a chewy, crusty bread....choke...choke.

I envisioned me in the ditch on the side of the road with a police officer standing at the window saying
"Mrs. Tucker, were you speeding?"
Me: No Sir

"Mrs. Tucker, were you texting and driving?"
Me: No Sir

"Mrs. Tucker, were you drinking?"
Me: No Sir....and that was the problem! I was choking to death on a sandwich! And I couldn't afford to buy something to drink!

"Mrs Tucker, I see a dollar could buy a drink with that"
Me: "Well I really needed a chocolate candy bar...:)"

So the moral of the story is:

 College Kids will break you down until you are counting pennies under the seat cushions.

... and..... 

don't eat and drive unless you can drink and drive (water of course)

But I'm home now and college kid needs your prayers after Dad processes all of this and I think I will go bury myself under the blankets and not come out until March!

The End......please, oh please...let this be the end....:)

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Rest Of The Story......

If you read my post earlier today  then you know that it has not started off being a good day for me.

Well,  now it's time to hear the rest of the story.......

After the "great fall of Lisa" I decided that I would build a gate for my deck and get the paint for my clothesline posts and the paint for my gate.

So I go to one of the local hardware stores.

Do you think that I changed clothes?.....well I did change out of the hideous tshirt and put on a less hideous tshirt and I brushed the dirt off of my yoga pants and I took off the muddy flip flops and put on some sneakers....why did I not wear the sneakers on the walk? you say?

pure laziness?

lapse of judgement?

 Hit my head when I was a baby?

 Who knows?

The spoiled rotten big dogs were begging to go somewhere so since I had to take the old truck to get the fence boards I decided to let them ride.......on the back.

So they jumped into the back of the truck and I went to drive off and it started to pour raining.

So I jumped out of the truck and could NOT get the tailgate back down...stupid truck.

I was getting soaked...the dogs were freaking out and I'm in the front yard with traffic going by beating on the tailgate in the pouring rain.

Finally, get the tailgate down and I was going to leave the dogs but when I opened my door two of them jumped in the truck before I could stop them...depositing mud all over my seat.

I'm in a hurry so I just let them go, I tried to wipe the mud off the seat and got in and left.

My mother would die if she ever knew I went to town looking like something you drug out of a dumpster.

I was really thinking that you never see anyone in this store and I don't know the people that work there and plus I was going to tell them that I had been working outside....even though I hadn't even started.

So I finally get there and go to the paint counter and I am not lying...the absolute biggest, loudest, happiest BillyBob was waiting on me.

Now, I am not putting down BillyBobs because it's very obvious that I am one of them but I really didn't need to run into one at the hardware store.

So I tell him what I want and he is singing and beating the counter with his hammer thing and I'm trying to shrink down because of course the store is FULL of customers this day.

So I decide while I'm waiting on the paint that I will walk across the store to get away from this guy and after I walk away he is yelling "Ma'am!!" "Ma'am"!! DID YOU SAY YOU WANTED CHOCOLATE CHIP PAINT?!!!!! I hurry back over there because everyone is staring and I say yes...and he says "you know someone bought eggshell paint yesterday and when I smelled it you know it smelled like'd be cool if your paint smelled like chocolate chip" I said yes it would...then he said he needed my name to put into the system and I tell him and so I try once again to walk across the store and get hinges for my gate.

You guessed it......after I leave he yells.....LISA....LISA TUCKER!!...DID YOU SAY YOU WANTED SEMI GLOSS OR SATIN!! So I hurry back over there and I just stay this time...for the whole 20 minutes it took him to mix up 2 quarts of paint.  He is singing, and calling out people in the store and he says to me "normally I don't act this way but we have been so busy and I'm so tired." Another employee came up and was talking about how long the paint took and my BillyBob said "she don't care...she likes talking with me." just keeps getting can't make this stuff up people!

Get my paint, look out the door and check on the dogs, who are inside the truck doing who knows what,
and then I have to pull up to the outdoor area where guessed it...... ANOTHER BillyBob was working.

I let down the window to give him the ticket on the passenger side and he starts talking to the dogs.

And petting the dogs, and talking about dogs, and talking about his dogs, and talking, and talking...

And I finally get to pull up to the fence board area and he loads up the boards and walks back to the window and says....."yeah....I really love dogs.....I love most animals....I hate cats....I had a dog that I bet killed 15 cats." I'm slowly trying to pull the truck forward....and he says "Hey...can I ask you something?"  Me....uh yeah.... He says "Do you know anyone that wants to buy a truck?"....I say "No..but I'll send them your way if anyone asks." still slowly pulling away with the truck.
He says "It's a blah blah truck with a blah blah engine that gets blah blah miles to the gallon and I did blah blah work on it and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah! I just finally pulled away and I think I still heard him talking.


I  slowly pull out of the fenced in area and finally see normal looking people and I look over and Breesy (the dog) is sitting in the front seat with the window all the way down so the people could get a good look at her.

She had reached into my paint bag and had the two paint stir sticks coming out of her mouth just like a walrus!

I think, as I gunned the truck, that I heard those people say "Wow...did you see that BillyBob with the dogs in the truck?"


How Not To Hike!

How not to go on a hike!

1.  Start off being old-ish and overweight.

2.  Wait for the ground to be a muddy mess.

3.  Take 4 dogs that has been housebound for 3 days.

4.  Wear flip flops, a hideous tshirt and tight yoga pants, dirty hair and no makeup.

5.   Don't take your phone.

6.  Try to hurry because of the ominous rain clouds.

7.   Rush down a hill and step in slick mud ( please let it be slick mud and not dog poo) and go sliding like Nancy Kerrigan on ice.

8.  Grab a limb with your bad shoulder to stop your death fall.

9.  Fall anyway.

10.  Panic because you don't want the ambulance drivers to see you in a hideous tshirt, tight yoga pants, dirty hair and no makeup.

11. Beat nasty, muddy dogs off of you with your good arm.

12.  Slowly get up and thank God that nothing is hurt except your slightly throbbing shoulder, a dent in the ground and a poor smushed bug.....poor, little, flat, smushed bug.

13.  Hurry home, carefully, and pretend that none of this happened.

14. Vow to buy tennis shoes and get in shape and hire a personal trainer or forget that and just get a dog walker....:)

A Weather Forecast

The weather forecast today  51 degrees and 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms through the night.

I always have great intentions to clean, organize, work outside and then I wake up (ha...I should stop right  and it's cold or raining.

I find I can't function at 100% unless the weather is good.

Even inside work doesn't get a thorough job because I want to sit by the fire.
I read  blogs (another part of the problem) and you guys are so energetic and efficient.

You make me sick want to do better.

 I will do better!!!

I will clean and organize!!!

I will not be lazy!!!!

My personal weather forecast is cheery, with a slight chance of  organization, a greater chance of cleaning and into the evening some cooking. 

 The forecast is looking good!

Just as soon as it's 75 degrees and sunny....:)
Have a blessed day....:)))))

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants, yoga pants, how I love thee, yoga pants.

Working around the house? pants
A trip to Walmart? pants

Shopping and a movie? pants
A funeral?......(blushes) pants (I did color in the white yoga guy at the bottom of the leg)

Workout? they make yoga pants for that?....:)

Now....if they could somehow make a bathing suit.............

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Wonderful Weekend!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and President's Day.  

I did!

Since it has rained so much lately we all have felt house bound and even though it was cold the sun was shining Saturday!

So my husband and I decided to do one of our favorite things.

Riding the dirt roads and guessing old songs on the radio and just talking with no distractions.

We took the dogs and they were so very happy.

We had to cross this and yes that is wild hogs.

This is the road that leads to the river. 

The water came up to the doors but my husband has done this his whole life so he knows what he is doing......thank goodness.

We eventually made it to dryer ground and we let the dogs out so they could run and get some exercise.

They were so happy.

And they are out of shape like me....:)...just look at that tongue.

It was a beautiful day!

Everything was perfect until.......................this happened.

Out in the middle of nowhere. was not because we drove through that water it is just our very old, dirt road riding truck has it's little problems every now and kind of reminds me of me...:)

I was kind of in panic mode until I found this.......

And then I knew everything would be o.k.....:)

I couldn't think of a better way to spend my Saturday than with the love of my life and our precious dogs and a beautiful day that God had made....and Gold N Cheese....don't forget the Gold N Cheese...:)

The next morning I'm up bright and early to drive 5 hours with my Mom to my sisters house.

We had a great day helping her decorate her kitchen and I got to visit with my nieces and nephew.

What a great weekend!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

10 Reasons You Know That You're Too Old To Go To A Bar

Last night my husband and I was invited to go watch a friend play at our local bar.

My husband comes home from work and we eat supper and I tell him about it.

Our friend doesn't start to play/sing until 9 p.m.


Wow....this is going to be hard.

We are usually in complete wind down mode by in pajamas by 8.

So we got ready and we waited and we waited and the chickens went to bed, and the dogs went to bed and the cats went to bed and they were like "Hey, what are y'all doing?"

My son came in from college and he walked in and said "Mom, why do you have real clothes on?"

This is sad I know.

We told him and he said he would go with us.

Finally we leave and I will let you know how the rest of the evening went with my list of 

TEN REASONS YOU KNOW THAT YOU'RE TOO OLD TO GO TO A BAR1. Your upset because the music doesn't start until your bedtime.

     2. You say things like "Ugg...I wish I hadn't eaten so much supper."

3. Yaaaawwwwnnnn.

4. You tell your son "I forgot my I.D.-----Bahahahahaha!!"
  1.                       5. A fight breaks out and you are just concerned about your french fry order.

                         6. When the waitress asks for your drink order you say "Hot Chocolate."

                                                       7. Yaaaawwwwnnn.

                                      8. You are definitely one of the oldest people  in the bar.

                                                     9. Yaaaawwwwnnn.

                                   10. You say "Wow!! It's 11 p.m....we've got to go!!"

    True Story!

    Our friend was great but now I've got to go take a nap....:)

    Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Love and Marriage

It is a beautiful, glorious day today!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

I wrote about my me and my hubby and our first love spark.

It was sweet....but reality....after 28 years of marriage..we didn't do much for Valentine's Day.

I did think "I need to do something special today" I.....put on some makeup and looked for a red sweatshirt.

Yep...that's how we roll now.

But isn't it great?'s a settled in, cozy, easy kind of love.  Like when best friends can spend the day together and rarely even talk.

But the spark is still there.

My heart still beats faster  when I know he is about to get home.....and yes sometimes it's because I need to change out of my pajamas and clean really

And we still want to spend time with each other.  He wants me to go riding the dirt roads, or cutting firewood or even hunting and fishing.  If I say nooo..I really need to stay at home..he will go get my book and put my drinks in the ice chest and say please go with me.  So I will.

Those little things mean a lot.

Pinned Image

In turn, I try to do things for him.  

Like cook a good supper, keep his clothes clean and ironed.

  Ask for his opinion on things that I do.

Just because you get married doesn't mean that manners goes out the door.

Be considerate of each other.

Don't keep a score card.

You will both lose.

Things won't be perfect.  You will fight.  We have had some matter how mad we have been at each other....we have never.......ever.......thrown out the word divorce or just leave.

We have gone to bed mad.....but this is very important....always sleep together....because some time during the night no matter how mad we were.....our feet would touch......or our hands and then you move closer and soon you're not mad any more.

Keep your sense of humor and be willing to say I'm sorry even when it may not be your fault.

Sorry...I didn't mean this to become a seminar on marriage but it is a great thing to have that special someone  
till death do you part.

That knows you better than you know yourself sometimes.
That loves your children as much as you do.

So do you love your husband and love being married?

I  do...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Love Story

My heart beat fast.  I was sure he looked my way.  But I was just an eighth grader and he was a tenth grader.  But wasn't he divine!  I loved his curly hair.

It was homecoming week and he was a football player.

I had liked him since I was in the sixth grade.

It was hat day....everyone in school could wear any hat they wanted all day.

I wore a baseball cap.

The bell was about to ring and we were walking through the school hall and he passed by me.

And he stole my hat!!!!!!

Oh I was so happy!

What did that mean? He did know I existed! Was he flirting?

He hurriedly said "I will give it back to you last period" and then he went to class.

I floated to my next class.  I couldn't concentrate all day.  Does he like me?  Does he know that I like him?

Finally the last bell rings.  Will he show up?

He walks in as I'm gathering my books. (Swoon)

He says "Here's your hat back.....I left something in it. I've got to go to football practice. See ya."

My heart is pounding as I look inside the hat.

A little bitty candy wrapper is folded and tucked inside the hat.

I slowly unfold it and it says     LW  +  ST

I am smiling from ear to heart is bursting with happiness!!!

That was 35 years ago and we're still together.

We have been married for 28 years.

He is the only man I have ever dated.

He is the only man I have ever kissed.

He is the only man I have ever loved.

I still have that piece of is in this bag.....full of everything we have ever written or given to each other in school.

We have two grown sons and we love each other even more now than we ever have.

This is our love story.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Valentine's all about love...

It's the time for flowers...

and candy

and  hugs and kisses...

And all things red...

and a great time to show you my appreciation  for visiting my blog.

So swing on by anytime....

you'll always be welcome....

Will you be my Valentine?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lawnmower - Part Two

Third straight day of non stop pouring rain.

I sure hope someone is not building and ark somewhere and I missed the memo.

My chickens are turning into ducks.

And of course it is still raining because I left the lawnmower outside, remember?

Now here is the rest of the story.

My dear, sweet husband, I love you honey.....

came home after working all day on lawnmowers and such and went outside in the pouring rain and tried to crank the lawnmower that I left outside right before monsoon season.

Of course it

And I was standing on the porch saying in my sweetest voice.."Can I help you with anything?"

And I think I could barely make out, in the beam of the flashlight, the evil eye so I went back inside and prayed that the lawnmower would crank.

It did....hallelujah!


two minutes later my husband was at the door and said "Now, you can come help."


I get my rain gear on and go see how I can help and I see the lawnmower at the bottom of the hill that our shed is on.   Uh oh.

Yes....the ground is so wet that when he went to park the lawnmower it slid.....all......the....way......down.....the.....hill.   Gulp....just what I needed.

So he gets the Ranger and hooks up to the lawnmower....did I mention it is still pouring rain.....and he tells me to get on the lawnmower that is running and help steer it as he pulls it up the hill.

So, helpful wife that I am, jumped on the lawnmower and grabbed the handles and the lawnmower promptly went dead. Oh crap!

The hubby jumps out of the Ranger and I could barely make out because his teeth were clenched says "you have the parking brake on"

Me: "Sorry sweetie.....I love you...."

We get the lawnmower cranked once again and he pulls me up the hill and we park the ding dang lawnmower.....Yes, hallelujah and amen!

So the moral of this story is...husbands are wrong most of the time but sometimes during a monsoon they can be right.....:))

Monday, February 11, 2013

What Was Really Behind All The Bad Weather

We've had rain.

Lots and lots and lots of rain.

Last night, tornado warnings, lightning all...night...long and a whole lot of rain.

And here is why.

A few days ago I got the lawnmower out and tried to blow the mulch, that my sweet little chickens had scratched out, back into my flowerbeds.

A friend stopped by and I left the lawnmower right there in the front yard forgetting about it.

So the next day my dear husband said "you need to put the lawnmower back doesn't need to be in the weather."  

And I said " OK....I'll get right on that."

So yesterday, it began.

After 10 inches of rain, tornado warnings, severe thunderstorms, two episodes of Downton Abbey and a theater sized box of Milk Duds you can barely see through the front door and the sheets of rain the poor little   
orange lawnmower mocking me in the front yard.

I love you honey.....:)

At least it's clean.....:)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Crazy and Hormonal

My dog "Breesy".. named after Drew Brees because I live with all men and we have to name HER after a football player because the men have to have a tough name for their dog...sorry I got side tracked...she has been acting funny for a week now.

She has been scratching up all of her bedding, whining all the time, she won't eat and she stands at her toy basket all the time.

So I start thinking, maybe she is pregnant.

  When she was in heat we had her penned up and our enormous other bulldog dug a hole to China and got to her.  But it was late in her cycle and we really didn't think she was.

She has no belly at all....

But I went and got her a big box the other day and she took a doll, a squeaky toy and a pacifier into the box and licked and licked on them.

She would go outside to the bathroom and then run back to her box.

She would growl at the cats when they peeked into the box.

So I took her to the vet........she is not pregnant.

False pregnancy.....who knew?

Of course my friends say that it does not surprise them at all since she is MY dog.

What does that mean?.....:)

She has left her "babies" now and is back to normal.

The only other female in my whole household and she is crazy and hormonal just like me.

Girl power....;)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Why I Can't Paint My Living Room

I'm frozen, can't move, can't go in any direction.

No...I don't live in the Northeast...I'm having decorating issues.

I want to paint my living room but......

We are planning on knocking down a wall soon and when we remove that wall then we will need to put down new floors and then since my living room and kitchen will flow together my kitchen will need painting also and if we are going to do all that then I may as well build the bookcases and window seat that I've always wanted and I want the wall that the television will hang on to be covered in old pallet wood and once I paint,  a greige color, I think, then I will need all new furniture and frankly we can't afford to do all of this so (deep breath)  maybe I should wait and not paint at all?

Because it seems like if I start this all....then I will open a can of worms.

You get it.....right?

But as you see...I really need to paint...this room is dark!

I drew a line and the arrow on the wall that we want to take down. 

My kitchen/breakfast area is on the other side.

I still could go ahead and paint but truly will that mustard yellow couch not look awful if I paint a grey color or really a greige color on the wall?

And I can't get new furniture yet (and I don't want to do slipcovers) because college kid has one more year but I'm about to go nuts to change things around here.

It's been a long time coming.....maybe the answer is to quit reading blogs and stay off of Pinterest...:)

If my house were only a salad.

What do you mean?

There is a precise way to eat your salad.

You get your Southwest McDonalds salad with grilled chicken and carefully take the top off the container.

Then you take out the hard, white lettuce, the yucky purple lettuce, and any carrots that may be too thick.

This is what was taken out of the salad.

And then you carefully cut your chicken into perfect bite sized pieces and your lettuce also.

Then you pour your dressing evenly over the entire salad.

Stir, so your corn and beans won't all be on the bottom.

And what's left?

The perfect bite!

And that, my friends, is why I can't paint my living room.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Song For You..

Here's a little song for you......

Do your boobs hang low

Do they wobble to and fro

Can you tie em in a knot

Can you tie em in a bow

Can you throw em over your shoulder

Like a continental soldier

Do your booobs hang low?

Now....go put on a bra....:))))

stock photo : Chubby Woman In A Red Bikini

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Go Run...'s a dream of mine.

To be a runner.

To say things like, "time for my run"

or, "I'm only going to run 6 miles today"

or for someone else to say, "I saw you running today"

You see I was not predestined to run.

My maiden name is Walker....for reals.

Of course if our last names really had something to do with what we do, mine would be

Lisa Sitter

Lisa Eater


Lisa Talker.

But I still dream of one day popping out of bed and putting on my running shoes and out the door I'll go...running miles and miles with a smile on my face.

So I guess that's why when my Mom and I went shopping the other day I bought these.

Did I choose them because they were the best brand, had great arch support, and cushioned soles? got them because they said Go run.

And I got these cool socks to go with them.

Now before you think I was looking pretty sharp before my run  walk I also was wearing this.

Unfortunately that's how I roll.  

Not completely put together.....not neat....sorry Mom.

I needed something with a pocket so I could take my phone so I cut the sleeves out an old jacket.

Who does that?


Could I have cut it any more ragged?

But anyway off I went on my walk.

Well, after the first mile I was dying.

If this was a game show I would have used my "phone a friend" survival option.

But it was I trudged, uphill, in the snow......nah...just just felt like that.

The shoes seemed to scuff the road a lot but that could have just been me...not picking my feet up enough.

At least I had pretty scenery along the way.

The verdict is not in on the arches were killing me but that again could have been because I haven't walked in a long time.

There's still hope on me becoming a runner.  

If I work really, really hard and walk every single day.......2019 is looking promising...:)