Saturday, February 9, 2013

Crazy and Hormonal

My dog "Breesy".. named after Drew Brees because I live with all men and we have to name HER after a football player because the men have to have a tough name for their dog...sorry I got side tracked...she has been acting funny for a week now.

She has been scratching up all of her bedding, whining all the time, she won't eat and she stands at her toy basket all the time.

So I start thinking, maybe she is pregnant.

  When she was in heat we had her penned up and our enormous other bulldog dug a hole to China and got to her.  But it was late in her cycle and we really didn't think she was.

She has no belly at all....

But I went and got her a big box the other day and she took a doll, a squeaky toy and a pacifier into the box and licked and licked on them.

She would go outside to the bathroom and then run back to her box.

She would growl at the cats when they peeked into the box.

So I took her to the vet........she is not pregnant.

False pregnancy.....who knew?

Of course my friends say that it does not surprise them at all since she is MY dog.

What does that mean?.....:)

She has left her "babies" now and is back to normal.

The only other female in my whole household and she is crazy and hormonal just like me.

Girl power....;)


Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Oh she is a cutie....poor little baby....

Well at least there is someone else sharing the same problem, lol.


Lynn said...

She's a beauty.