Monday, February 11, 2013

What Was Really Behind All The Bad Weather

We've had rain.

Lots and lots and lots of rain.

Last night, tornado warnings, lightning all...night...long and a whole lot of rain.

And here is why.

A few days ago I got the lawnmower out and tried to blow the mulch, that my sweet little chickens had scratched out, back into my flowerbeds.

A friend stopped by and I left the lawnmower right there in the front yard forgetting about it.

So the next day my dear husband said "you need to put the lawnmower back doesn't need to be in the weather."  

And I said " OK....I'll get right on that."

So yesterday, it began.

After 10 inches of rain, tornado warnings, severe thunderstorms, two episodes of Downton Abbey and a theater sized box of Milk Duds you can barely see through the front door and the sheets of rain the poor little   
orange lawnmower mocking me in the front yard.

I love you honey.....:)

At least it's clean.....:)


My Maine Blog said...

I've been thinking about you all morning and wondering how you are doing with all those tornadoes in your neck of the woods. I hope you came out unscathed but by all the weather accounts I've been watching it looked pretty bad down there. Stay safe...we too are in the midst of more bad snow and ice storms today. We've already got about 4 inches on top of what we got this weekend....Ice storms tonight...oh happy days.

Lisa Tucker said...

Thank you Maine...:)...we are was touch and go for a while... tornados all around but we made it through. I sure hope you all have a break in your weather soon. Be safe...:)

Lynn said...

You have been on my mind too, Lisa. It’s always a big relief when a blogland friend posts after a weather event or an absence. As I was reading down I had the same thought as you. At least it’s clean. Did you put it away yet?

Lisa Tucker said... are already beginning to know me...because I haven't moved it yet...I just went out there and I think I left the key on and now the battery is dead.....:( oops....

Valerie said...


I love your blog and am new here. I'm moving to the country for the first time and am very excited and a little bit crazy. It's snowing here I know we need it but have lots of outside work to do to get the homestead ready.


Cottage Making Mommy

Lynn said...

Hi Valerie,

I really can’t take credit for this blog. May I introduce you to Lisa, the crazy, witty wonder behind all these zany going on’s? Like you I am also a new follower.


Lisa Tucker said...

So glad you stopped by Valerie....I think you are talking to me....Lisa, not Lynn...although I can see why you would make that mistake because Lynn and I talk all the time...:) Country living is the best!!!! I'm excited for you...:)))

Lisa Tucker said...

Haha...thanks Lynn....I don't know why you don't just start you one...:)))