Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Go Run...'s a dream of mine.

To be a runner.

To say things like, "time for my run"

or, "I'm only going to run 6 miles today"

or for someone else to say, "I saw you running today"

You see I was not predestined to run.

My maiden name is Walker....for reals.

Of course if our last names really had something to do with what we do, mine would be

Lisa Sitter

Lisa Eater


Lisa Talker.

But I still dream of one day popping out of bed and putting on my running shoes and out the door I'll go...running miles and miles with a smile on my face.

So I guess that's why when my Mom and I went shopping the other day I bought these.

Did I choose them because they were the best brand, had great arch support, and cushioned soles? got them because they said Go run.

And I got these cool socks to go with them.

Now before you think I was looking pretty sharp before my run  walk I also was wearing this.

Unfortunately that's how I roll.  

Not completely put together.....not neat....sorry Mom.

I needed something with a pocket so I could take my phone so I cut the sleeves out an old jacket.

Who does that?


Could I have cut it any more ragged?

But anyway off I went on my walk.

Well, after the first mile I was dying.

If this was a game show I would have used my "phone a friend" survival option.

But it was I trudged, uphill, in the snow......nah...just just felt like that.

The shoes seemed to scuff the road a lot but that could have just been me...not picking my feet up enough.

At least I had pretty scenery along the way.

The verdict is not in on the arches were killing me but that again could have been because I haven't walked in a long time.

There's still hope on me becoming a runner.  

If I work really, really hard and walk every single day.......2019 is looking promising...:)


Holly said...

I hear meditating is also good for you. We should set aside an hour a day to meditate on running. I'm tired.

Lisa Tucker said... always make my day...:)...I'm tired too...:)

Lynn said...

Good start, Lisa. Maybe you could save them for keeping up with your Mom at the mall. With another top, of course. That one just won’t do.

Lisa Tucker said... are so right....:))))