Monday, February 4, 2013

Mommy And Me Day......

I am 48?...

let me see.....I was born in 64 and it's 2013...

subtract and you get 49 but my birthday is in Aug. so yeah....48. 

 I have to do that every...single....time.

 Why can't I remember?

  Any way my mom is in her seventies and can't see well, so I drive her to most of the places that she wants to go.

Today we are going clothes shopping out of town.

I love when we can spend time together and since it's at least an hours drive away we get a lot of talking done.

But no matter how old we get things are just like when I was a child.

My mom loves for someone to be "neat"......and

The last time we went I was wearing all black to try and disguise that I wasn't very "neat."

She got in the car and was staring at me (because she can't see well) and I nervously laughed and said I'm not wearing much color today...heehee.

She said "No, you sure aren't." laugh.

My sister and I think this is very funny because she (my sister) is not very neat also.

My moms hairdresser is named "Lisa" also and my mom talks about how "neat" she is all the time.

My sister and I laugh and call her "neat" Lisa and I am "not neat" Lisa.

Anyway I've got to get off this computer and get ready.....I've got to find something "neat" to wear...:)

Oh how I love my mom...:)))))


Lynn said...

Lisa, It’s pretty “neat” you and your Mom stuck the same pose. Happy shopping.

My Maine Blog said...

I love it ! Makes me think of my own mother....she was a clutter used to drive me I guess you know when I grew up...I was just the opposite. My kids call me Mrs. "Neato, Cleano". That's been a nickname for me that kind of stuck with me all these years. I can't stand now my daughter, in her 30's, turned out the same way and she always says to me..."Ma, it's all your fault, I can't be messy". Guess it's a curse...cause I can't be messy either. Think your Mom would like a new friend? We have a lot in common...we could talk about neat stuff...hahaha...hope you have a nice visit with your Mom today...I wish I could fly to Nashville and have lunch and shopping with my daughter too...lucky you.

Holly said...

You two are just darling. A friend asked me this weekend how old I was and I said 46. Brian looked at me later and asked me when I decided to start lying about my age. I had to count too. I'm going to be 48 this year.

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Right there with ya... forget my own age and have "differences" with my lovely mama! You two are adorable tho!

Karen McGilberry said...

Lisa, I've always had to stop and think about what my age is....but not this year. This year I know I will turn half a century old. But it's not going to happen until all the way til December! I remember a time I thought 50 was old. Not any more!!! Great picture of you & your mom.

Lisa Tucker said...

I really don't like how I can't respond to each comment with a just check out more comments for my response........Lynn, thanks....I think it's "neat" how you working in the word "neat"

Lisa Tucker said... Mom would LOVE you!...and yes I feel so blessed that my mom and I can spend time together...:)

Lisa Tucker said... love that you made yourself 2 years younger..

Lisa Tucker said...

Thanks Leslie!! I'm so glad that y'all all understood that Mom is not mean she is just being a Mom and I wouldn't have it any other way....sounds like you understand...:)

Lisa Tucker said...

Karen.....50 is definitely not old!!! I use to think the same I think heck it's just the halfway point....:)))

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

That's funny, I have to do the same thing, although being 50 is sticking in my head much least until I turn older.

My Mom likes us to be all dressed a certain "way"...

Good old days.


Lisa Tucker said... you know what I mean Mom said yesterday "I like your sweater" :)....Mom-"it covers up your behind" :(....she isn't trying to be mean just that she loves me enough that she can be brutally honest..:)