Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What Is Your Goal?

My husband asked me the other day "What's your goal with this blogging?"

This came after I was explaining why I am at the computer ALL the time.

I wanted to say "I'm going to make us RICH! I say RICH!" "People will read my wonderful words and they will be begging me to write more and more and then I will have book publishers throw contracts at me and advertisers will pay me oodles and oodles of money."

But I said..."ummmm.....ahh...I just enjoy writing about our crazy life and reading about others."

"It helps me practice writing and maybe one day I can write a book or something."

He said, "Ok..just wondering."

In reality after blogging and getting a grand total of 17 followers (thank you so much my 17 followers..each and every one of you have made me smile the day I looked on the computer and saw I had a follower) I realize this is NOT going to make me money...lol.

And I realize that I don't have an iota of talent after reading so many  talented bloggers.

So I will season my dream with a little reality and just write for the enjoyment of writing.

I thank each and every one of you that read my posts, and am so very grateful for comments because without them I would think that no one purposely looks for my blog.

I imagine when I see that I had 100 views today that most were trying to look up "country" or "chickens" or how to spell "ordinary" and just got mistakenly sent to my blog....lol.

If anything I look at it as a form of a diary and can enjoy looking back.

I can't tell you all how much I've enjoyed your blogs....I love the decorating, and the projects but what I really love is how you spend just a simple day.

So keep up the good work and I will keep on keeping on...:)

And I will ask you this question......what is your goal?


My Maine Blog said...

My Dear Lisa....You are so wrong when you say you don't have one iota of talent...I beg to differ. You definitely have a talent, you definitely bring joy into my life everyday that I come to your blog. You make me laugh, cry, reminisce about things I remember in my own life...because I'm really old...that is compared to you...and to relate and visit with you just like having a friend over for a cup of coffee. That's what it means to me...but I have no specific goal in mind having my blog. Actually I have no specific goal at all... : ) Pretty pathetic but that's the truth. That ship has sailed. But I find it so uncanny that this is the title of your blog today because I just peeked at my daughter's fb page and she asked a question...in desperation...
"What is the difference between a goal and an expectation"? You see she is striving and working so hard working towards her goal of becoming a successful singer/songwriter but her expectations of that are not being met. So just like you....I guess we all have expectations that something wonderful will happen from reaching and working on our goals....and I'm hear to tell you as far as I'm concerned you have all of the talent of a writer and I'm here to encourage you...you are very, very gifted. So hope you do keep on keepin' on my blogger friend because I would surely be the first in line to buy your book should you ever write one. I'm so lucky to have you as a friend...without my blogger friends...I would be sad and lost.

My Maine Blog said...

Whoops....shoulda' proof read my comment....
correction....I meant HERE not HEAR
sometimes my fingers are going too fast to catch up with my mind.

Holly said...

You know what? You have a talent for making friends. Just think, only a month or so ago we didn't know one another existed and now we've opened up our hearts and homes to one another. I say that's really something. If you blog for no other reason, blog for the friendships you make, they are priceless. Just like you! Now that I said something really nice, can I have that red gate? It would look really nice in my garden.

Lynn said...

Don’t give up on the book deal just yet. Your words lured me of my blog break today. As one of the faithful seventeen my goal today is to vacuum ~ tomorrow I’ll work on world peace. Be happy.

Lisa Tucker said...

Oh my sweet, sweet blog friends you are exactly right. I blog because of you!!!!! I love the connections that we make and all of you make me happy. Who needs stinking money and fame?..not me!! A friend is worth much much more than that! Love and hugs to you all...:))))))))

Madge Bloom said...

Getting rich, no, selling and publishing some photos, yes, paying for my self-hosted blog, that would be sweet... making friends from far-flung places.. that's the best!

Lisa Tucker said...

Madge, your photos are amazing! You should get paid...:))) and hello to a new friend..:)