Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Once Upon A Time....

there was a magical kingdom with a grumpy
prince and a beautiful, slightly overweight princess.
One day the grumpy Prince declared "there will be no
more chickens in the kingdom!"

The Princess huffed and she puffed and she thought about

lowering her long beautiful hair out the window and leaving but
she forgot that she doesn't look good in long hair and she has short hair now so she just stormed out the front door. 
Then she thought about an evil plan of poisoning apples but she
had already used them all making yummy caramel apples.
She just knew evil stepsisters would know what to do but she doesn't have any so she went to her friends Sleepy, Dopey, and Doc  and got advice.

Sleepy said "push him off a wall and let him have a great fall!"

and Dopey said "I know a beanstalk in the woods and if he climbs it we could cut it down" and Doc said "just move...I know a beautiful house made out of candy."


Well the house made of candy was sorely tempting to the Princess but she loved the grumpy Prince.
So she just fell into a deep deep sleep each night and took the vow of silence during the day until the Prince slayed the dragon of grumpiness, kissed the Princess and granted her all of her wishes.


Many chickens will be added to the kingdom

and they lived happily

ever after.........

The End
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