Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day Fiasco

I hope everyone enjoyed the Father's Day weekend!
My dad's church hosted a father/daughter banquet Saturday and my mom
told my sister and I that dad wanted us to go with him....
what can you say?
So I texted my sister (who lives a state away) and broke the news
to her.
We laughed about us probably being the oldest daughters there (and we were).
We get to the small church and they had decorated it so cute.
We have arrived!
Yes my sister and I are complete opposites...she looks like mom and I look like dad.
And you will soon hear that I act like him also.
It was a small group of about 20 people and we had a wonderful speaker that also
sang a few songs.
We were in a small room so the speaker was about 10 feet away from us.
I take my phone in to take photos and I put it on mute (I'm not rude ya know).
My dad was sitting across the table from my sister and I.
He picked up my phone from the table and I'm in a panic because dad and cell phones
are a disaster waiting to happen.
He looks at the time and whispers/not whispers ( I don't know where he learned to whisper)
"is today Friday?"
I'm mortified and I'm shaking my head and barely whisper back "'s Saturday."
Dad whispers/notwhispers.... "I think the car race is on!"
I thought we were about to have to get up and take him home but we stayed.
As he put my phone back on the table (in this very quiet room),
my phone says "I'm sorry, I could not understand what you were asking?"
My sister's eyes are screaming at me "DO SOMETHING!!!!"
What could I was done.
So we just tried to shrink down and not move for the rest of the night....but no.
This little girl was sitting next to us..........adorable!
And she was perfectly good and quiet until my dad started playing with her,
throwing napkins at her until she erupted in giggles and talking to him.
Her mom got on to her and I got on to dad.
Finally the speaker asked if he could pray before we ate and he asked if fathers and daughters could
hold hands.
Well my family loves each other dearly but we have never done much holding hands etc
so I though it would be nice to capture this rare photo.
While my head was bowed I did lift up my camera and tried to guess what angle
to hold it and I quickly held the volume button on the side ( I just learned that this will snap
a photo on the IPhone) because I didn't want to be rude during the prayer.
(barely got my hands in dad's)
But of course something had to go wrong..........
my camera went noisily .....clickclickclickclickclickclickclickclick
640 pictures!!!!!!!!!!
WHYYYYYY??????? poor sister is kicking me under the table!
I promise y'all I do not intentionally do these things.
We eat and win some door dad won the visor that is in every photo...
my mom is going to kill If you look at my first photo dad is also
suppose to be wearing a
It was a great banquet and I apologized to the host and speaker for our noise.
Everyone left and of course this Walker crew couldn't do that normally!
Somebody locked the keys in the truck!!!!
Don't y'all want us to come to all of your functions?
shaking my head..........typical.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Or better
And that concludes our Father's Day fiasco.