Monday, December 21, 2015

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!










AND SANTA!!!!!!!
That's not really going to be their 14!!!!!!
Can you believe it?!
She's such a good mommy!
The puppies are adorable and all seem healthy and so is mommy.

I was a little down this Christmas and God always knows just what to do.
You can't be down and out with this many little blessings.

I am trying to help her feed them though.......they are growing so fast and stay hungry!!

I love to see them sleeping so peacefully, with their tongues hanging out and full little bellies.
They are one week old today.
They were born on December 14.....hmmmm.. 14..coincidence?
Breesy is the best little mommy....she has been precious with them.

Believe it or not we have so many people that want them we had to make
a backup case someone doesn't want theirs,  there is someone to take their place.

The problem is...........I'm already attached......too attached.
And I have decided..............................
I want to keep them ALL!!!!!
OH SHANNON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Once Upon A Time....

there was a magical kingdom with a grumpy
prince and a beautiful, slightly overweight princess.
One day the grumpy Prince declared "there will be no
more chickens in the kingdom!"

The Princess huffed and she puffed and she thought about

lowering her long beautiful hair out the window and leaving but
she forgot that she doesn't look good in long hair and she has short hair now so she just stormed out the front door. 
Then she thought about an evil plan of poisoning apples but she
had already used them all making yummy caramel apples.
She just knew evil stepsisters would know what to do but she doesn't have any so she went to her friends Sleepy, Dopey, and Doc  and got advice.

Sleepy said "push him off a wall and let him have a great fall!"

and Dopey said "I know a beanstalk in the woods and if he climbs it we could cut it down" and Doc said "just move...I know a beautiful house made out of candy."


Well the house made of candy was sorely tempting to the Princess but she loved the grumpy Prince.
So she just fell into a deep deep sleep each night and took the vow of silence during the day until the Prince slayed the dragon of grumpiness, kissed the Princess and granted her all of her wishes.


Many chickens will be added to the kingdom

and they lived happily

ever after.........

The End
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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Quality Time With The Hubby

First, let me say thank you, thank you, thank you to each and everyone of you
that left a comment, prayers and encouragement on my last post. 
I was going to reply to each of you and  all the emails disappeared....I don't know what
I did.  But you all have helped me more than you know. 
My son is in Rehab right's so hard and I miss him but it's where
he needs to be.  I will keep you updated on his progress.
But this post is more like the "old" me.
God did give me a spirit of joy and I am trying to bring some of that back.
So here is another trip with my hubby where he needs my help......;)
My few free hours I had yesterday hubby asked me to follow him pulling the tractor to another location.

 I whined and made faces but he said he wanted to spend time with me and he read "sucker" all over my face.
 So we go.
 Because I am always thinking of y'all I sent this photo on Facebook right after we crossed the "scary" bridge and I drove right into a muddy rut and got stuck.
 Meanwhile Shannon is in front unaware and leaving me.
 I thought okay I can do this so I put the truck in neutral and switched it to 4wheel drive.....oh my....
 Does it always make such a loud banging grinding noise?
 But it worked...its in 4wheel drive and it pulled me right out.
 I was so proud!
 Then I stopped and put it back in neutral and put it back in 2 wheel drive....but would not go
 back in. Eek!!
I had no choice but to try to catch up with Shannon while in 4 low.
He was waiting at the gate.
 I wave him over.
 Ummmm....I kind of got the 4 wheel drive stuck.
 What!!??? Why did you put it in 4 wheel drive??!!
 Well I got stuck why do you think?
 Shannon:....Grumble grumble ...I've got 200,000 miles on this truck and I have NEVER gotten it
stuck in 4 wheel drive (I did not mention all the grinding didn't seem like the right time)
 He worked and sweated and I tried to get out of his way but every time he tried to move the truck I
seemed to be standing in the way....or......maybe he was just trying to run over me.
 But yay!! He finally fixed it and away we go...him back to the tractor and me back in the
truck.....about a mile or so down the road we stopped again
and I motioned him back to the truck.
 Ummmmm.....the gauge says Hot.
 Shannon: what!???
 I could see the moment he realized...."you didn't turn the fan on!!??"
(in this very old truck you have to manually flip a switch to run the fan)
 No....I said....YOU didn't turn the fan on!!!!
 He said... I had to turn it off when I worked on the truck! I thought you knew to turn it back on!!!!!
Me: wouldn't KNOW to always put eye shadow on BEFORE mascara...
so I don't know your things!!!
 He huffed off to the tractor and I huffed back into the truck and after waiting 30 minutes
 for the truck to cool off away we went!
We finally made it to our destination!
 I think I may have knocked his scope on his gun almost off but we won't tell him about that right now. 

 I would say he has had all the quality time with me that he can stand for awhile.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Lazy Blogger = Facebook Posts

As I'm cleaning up an all male bathroom I have questions?

 Like bathtub makers...why would you make pitted bottoms on your tubs...

I know it is slip resistant but you need a pressure washer to get the dirt out.
 And I laugh at you scrubbing bubbles ...bubbles are for dainty almost clean bathrooms
 I need scrubbing bombs!
 And if a man can have a machine that mows the grass and then turns it into nice square bales
surely they could make a machine to clean toilets so I would never have to touch them.
 In conclusion I know I should make the men clean this bathroom but sadly they think they already
When you pour you a "generous" bowl of cereal and there is just a tad bit more
 in the box and you rationalize that what is in the box
 is not a good serving for the next person so you top off your bowl.............
congratulations have just eaten a half of a box of cereal.
The Birthday princess is riding in style to her partyπŸŽ‚
Mom turns 80!!
Grateful and praising the Lord as I set out on a new day😊
Lisa Tucker's photo.
I run past Shannon as he opens the door to the house.
Him: hey! What's your hurry?
 Me: I'm suppose to meet a friend to get a pedicure and I'm late!!
 Him: well why did you stop by the house then?
 Me: to shave my toes😁 him: ugg...I had to ask

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Love and a Root Canal....

What do you do after you've been married 31 years???

 One goes to work and the other one gets a root canal. Hope the next 31 are just as exciting...
So after I get back from the dentist the conversation goes like this.

 Shannon : I know you don't feel like going somewhere tonight but I will make it up to you and we will go somewhere real soon. I love you.

 Me: Awww...if my wipsh wash not numb I would kish you.....I wufsh you too. Oopsh....sorry I swobbered on yoush arm.
(later that night)
Now this is how you celebrate...11:00 ice cream