Friday, August 7, 2015

Lazy Blogger = Facebook Posts

As I'm cleaning up an all male bathroom I have questions?

 Like bathtub makers...why would you make pitted bottoms on your tubs...

I know it is slip resistant but you need a pressure washer to get the dirt out.
 And I laugh at you scrubbing bubbles ...bubbles are for dainty almost clean bathrooms
 I need scrubbing bombs!
 And if a man can have a machine that mows the grass and then turns it into nice square bales
surely they could make a machine to clean toilets so I would never have to touch them.
 In conclusion I know I should make the men clean this bathroom but sadly they think they already
When you pour you a "generous" bowl of cereal and there is just a tad bit more
 in the box and you rationalize that what is in the box
 is not a good serving for the next person so you top off your bowl.............
congratulations have just eaten a half of a box of cereal.
The Birthday princess is riding in style to her party🎂
Mom turns 80!!
Grateful and praising the Lord as I set out on a new day😊
Lisa Tucker's photo.
I run past Shannon as he opens the door to the house.
Him: hey! What's your hurry?
 Me: I'm suppose to meet a friend to get a pedicure and I'm late!!
 Him: well why did you stop by the house then?
 Me: to shave my toes😁 him: ugg...I had to ask


Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, girl! You make me laugh.

Tete said...

You are the most fun person. I hate cleaning bathrooms. Vinegar in the tub, let it soak and use a scrub brush....comes right off. If you dump some baking soda in the toilet, then pour some vinegar in will do some serious bubbling...and it smells so much better than those nasty cleaners.
Shaving don't understand flip flops until they are hair free.
Use a smaller bowl...for the works for me. And don't take the box with you to the couch. Big no no. That way you have room for a little debbie.
Have a great day. Thanks for the grins.