Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Message That Made Me Squirm

We are having Revival at our church this week.

Last night we had a very good message......a message that made me squirm.

Right before we left the preacher asked us three questions.

#1.  Are you saved?

My answer.....Yes!  Check!  A+

#2.  How is your daily walk with Christ?

My answer......Good!  Check!  A (can always work on that)

#3.  Have you done anything to bring people to Christ?

My answer......Uh Oh!    D-

So......I don't want this to seem impersonal.....but are you saved?

Do you want to have joy unspeakable and full of glory?

It doesn't mean that your life will be perfect but whatever comes you will have peace, and hope and God's strength to see you through.

You can start a brand new day with a brand new life!

You will never be alone. You will have comfort and joy.

It's all there for you!  

It doesn't matter what you have done....

It doesn't matter who you are....

It doesn't matter how good or bad that you act.....

anyone....I mean anyone...can ask for forgiveness of your sins and ask Jesus to come into your heart and change your life forever!

I tell you the truth....I am not worried about tomorrow.....I am not worried about dying....

My life may seem ordinary on the outside but inside......I am extraordinary!

I am a Christ follower!

  1. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ... Philippians 4:13

When you start talking to him daily.....you will see signs from him everywhere...

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 3:16

I have such peace and joy in my heart I just wanted to share it with you.

If I can answer any questions my email is lisatucker9999@gmail.com.

I'm not here to judge anyone.......I am a sinner.

But I'm saved by Christ.

What about you?

Love and hugs.....


Sunday, April 28, 2013

After the Rain.....

Late afternoon....

Right after a rain....

My clematis is blooming....

The sun is setting...

My planters are filling up..

Everything is clean and washed and bright..

on this late April afternoon.....

Be Still......

PSALM 46:10

Friday, April 26, 2013

How To Feel 10 Again!

Like my title for my post?

I've been on vacation this week with my parents and my sister and nieces.

But when the parents drive and you are in the backseat with your sister and your pillow and blanket and although you are almost 50 you still feel like you are 10.

And it's all good at the beginning....you are feeling all nostalgic and warm and fuzzy.

But then the memories that you pushed waaaayyyy back in your brain....the ones that you tried to forget are a reality again....you know.....the having no control over the radio (we listened to, I kid you not, Minnie Pearl and the other old, old singers for hours), staring out the window thinking...Ohhh I would have liked to have stopped there as it whizzes past, Dad showing us places that he and Mom have been before but Mom arguing with him that that was not the place, being too hot, then too cold, almost car sick because you are usually in front and driving....you know.....the good times.

We finally make it to the State Park!

And we have to unload and set up the camper.  This is a new experience for us because we have never camped together....all five of us in this very, very, old camper.

Boy we were looking rough that morning....

My sister and I couldn't wait to get out on the beach and get some sun!

But............Mom said we needed to go to Walmart first and buy groceries and Dad drove and once again we all climbed back into the vehicle.

My sister and I were dying because we were driving by the beautiful beaches with the sun shining and dad decided he would show us the sites (although we both have been to this beach many times) he would drive by and say "now, there's the pier, you can walk out there but you have to pay $2 do y'all want to walk out there?"  My sister and I said "No.....let's just buy the groceries and then we can come back and go out on the beach for the rest of the day."  Then my mom said to dad "this is NOT the place I was talking about, the place I was talking about is down the road!"  Dad said "No, it isn't....this is the place." Mom said, "NO....go down the road and I will show you."  My sister and I are dying..........

I was about to open the door and just fling myself out as we are going down the street but then I saw this sign that saved me!

I had to cry like a baby but I finally got dad to stop.
But we had to eat in the vehicle and continue our tour.

Hours later we are back and have the food all set up and now we have to play a game of bean toss before we can go to the beach.
Are we ever going to get to the beach?
Dad and I competing with Mom looking on.

The State Park was beautiful.....we decided we would go to the pool because it was huge and we thought at least we can get some sun there if we aren't going to make it to the beach that day.

We get there and police tape is surrounding the pool.......a pump had failed and noone could use the pool.....aaaaaaaggggghhhh!!!!!

We stayed on Rabbit road..........:)

So after a full day of riding and looking and Walmart we decide to go to the beach the next day.

We go to the bath house and get our showers and we all cram into the camper and Mom has our beds made up.  Mine is the dinette table...and we go to bed at nine o:clock....umm hummm...I said 9.
But we did sit up giggling and whispering  for a while.

And the next day.....................

 guess what?

We went to the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

It was very cloudy and cool but we were determined to get some sun.
sorry, but I couldn't allow this picture to be blown up...if I could have gone smaller I would have...:)

But this next photo I love and I didn't use any edits or filters except for putting my name on it.  I'm going to get this photo on canvas.

Are you sick of our vacation yet?  Isn't it just like going to someone's house and watching boring vacation videos?......now,  we shall continue....:)

We worried the whole entire time because the sun kept disappearing behind the clouds and it was quite cool.

We decided to pack it up and come back the next day for our suntan.

My brother lives here and he owns a boat so we ate at Flippers at the Marina and he and my niece came to pick us up for a sunset boat ride.

Do you see the giant bird walking up?......he walked right behind dad. I think I heard him say.."give me them left overs"....:)...poor silly bird...there were no left overs....:)

and then our ride showed up.  
A beautiful sunset

We are a happy bunch!....and a little blistered...:)

The end of a wonderful day...
The next day we leave Pawpaw in charge of the girls, who did not want to go shopping, and Mom, sis and I went to shop til we dropped.

I found this sign and it will be my new saying....

I found this sign and felt it fit us perfectly.....:)
I found a chicken or maybe it's a turkey....
I wanted to take him home......

This is one of my favorite stops in Loxley, Al.....it's called Bloomers.....flowers and metal and he plants the cutest flower beds....
I know you've seen a bottle tree but what about a bottle arch?

metal ants.....the only kind I like....

I highly recommend you stop by.....it will inspire you.

And I also recommend Beach Side Furniture in Gulf Shores for the most beautiful furniture!

Later that night we took the girls to the movies.

And before you know it, it's time to go home.

Even though I've kidded about the family and our time here...I want you to know...that each night as I lay down to sleep I was so profoundly grateful for this trip.

I knew it was a gift to have my parents still with me, to be close to my sister and brothers, to have a husband at home that is working and providing for me to even be able to go on a trip.

I thanked God for the sun, and the beach, and our health and all of his creation.

We truly are not rich people.......but we are so rich in the things that count the most......God and family, love and health, food and shelter, friends and good fortune.

I thank God for such blessings.

The End

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Camping with the 'Rents.......

What do you get when you have Me, Mom, Dad, my Sister, my Niece, a very old camper, a teeny tiny bathroom, one bed, a couch and a dinette that makes a bed?  

I will let you know.


No, I said shotgun first!  MOMMMM!!!!

I said shotgun first! Tell her I get the front seat!

Mom:  You will both sit in back and behave!

She's touching me!!!!!!

I feel like I'm 10 again.......except for 38 more years and 88 more pounds...:(

Story to come......