Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Pedicure

My sister, nieces and I went to the nail salon to have a pedicure.

I don't do this very often....maybe twice a year.

I work in the yard.....a lot.....usually in flip flops.

So I noticed my lady was taking a whole lot longer on my feet than my sisters.

And she looked agitated.

She started using that cheese grater thingie and she scrubbed and she scrubbed and she grabbed the garbage can towards her and she took the cheese grater and beat all of my dead skin that covered it into the garbage can and she started scrubbing again.

I'm dying.

First of all I'm biting my lip so hard to keep from jerking my foot back because it tickles/hurts so bad.

She looks at me and says.."You wait too long for pedicure!"

I say yes I know.

She picks my foot up and says "You don't need wear flip flops....they make feet black!"

I say yes I know.

I look around and everyone is staring at my feet....:(.....at least I shaved my toes before I came in....:)

Then she is talking in a foreign language to the guy working next to her and I know I heard her say "I always get worst one"....or maybe I just imagined it.

My sister said that our nail polish described us both perfectly.

She got a French Pedicure...you know......classic, safe, traditional, always stylish.

What did I get?

Lime green baby!!!!

Wild, crazy, doesn't match anything!

Don't judge the wrinkles.....these feet work hard!

I would show you the smooth heels that the lady worked so hard on but.....I've been working in the yard in my flip flops and my feet are black....:)))))

You can't help some people..:)

Have a great day!


Holly said...

Be honest....you have no idea what that foot scraper lady was saying. No one does. Go green or go home!

Theresa said...

"At least I shaved my toes".....hilarious!!

Farming On Faith said...

Oh~ me too! Your story sounds just like mine!
Life is just so much sweeter with a pedi!
SO glad you treated yourself.

Thanks for your sweet words today!

Lynn said...

Lisa, you are a delight! I think your green polish goes perfectly with your flip-flops.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I love the green, and it's so springy...


Lisa Tucker said...


Anonymous said...

I have NEVER gotten a pedicure - but I feel like I did -- by reading your words --wink!