Saturday, April 20, 2013


My husband and I have different ideas on decor.

My side of the bed......

His side of the bed.

I can't even show you his table....oh my......but my pretty little decor to me......a hat rack to him.

Yes....we live in a cave.

It's my fault......I live with all men and instead of fighting the dirt, and camo  and "I'm not sleeping in a baby blue (because he won't know what turquoise is) room" I just painted everything brown.

You see.........dark

Living room.....brown

I didn't realize until I started looking at photos that when we take a photo in this room it gives everything an orangish glow.......not the look I was going for....:(

Even the outside of the house is brown.

One day.........when I get some energy.........and some money........and some helpers.......I will change it all....but until Brown.

I think that's why I love it outside so much especially in the Spring.

Color!!! Everywhere!!!

I saw this guy yesterday.

Darn it....I need to repaint my swing.....sigh......add it to the list.

I'm still trying to get my raised beds done.  It may be a fall garden...:(

I did have some help yesterday.

I hope the video loads......

I always have a lot of help......with the four legged creatures.....

Anyway.....this post has been all over the place.....

It's a beautiful day today and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Sarah Adams said...

I couldn't help but appreciate this post so much!! My house is decorated in very warm colors and no foo foo or pink :-) I am constantly moving boots, camo etc. I worked in the yard today and scatted my dog out of the flowers several times! Thanks for sharing :-)

My Maine Blog said...

Oh Lisa...your house is so comfy looking and warm and inviting. My favorite two photos are that amazing, gorgeous tree in full bloom on your header and your front gate and yard is to die for. It looks like a cute little cottage almost like out of a fairy tale. You sure know how to make a house into a home. It just looks picture perfect and what a beautiful note card your front yard photo would make. You have such a green thumb and design sense. The landscaping looks like it was done by a professional landscaper. Just gorgeous especially beautiful because nothing has blossomed out here or turned green yet. I can almost feel like it's spring thanks to your beautiful photos. Love,Hugs and Peace.

My Maine Blog said...

P.S. I think I'd like to come for a visit and sit on your front porch in that pretty red chair. I'm such a just looks sooooo inviting.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I try color on the walls and then I hate it so I am just painting the whole house linen white. At least you can make the coop girly right?

Lisa Tucker said...

Thank you My sweet Maine...:) Please come sit on my porch any are very welcome..:)

Lisa Tucker said...

Elaine....I am going to paint mine white or greige...but the work....oh the work.....I don't want to start unless I can finish...but the work...oh the

Lisa Tucker said...

Thank you Sarah....sounds like you are in my shoes (boots)

Anonymous said...

I completely understand. Although Nature Dude would not care if I painted the walls pink....he is just so happy I 'bonded' to Frankie (my name for his buck head) and let him hang it on the wall.

blessings, jill