Monday, April 1, 2013

Come on Over!

Do you want to know how you can see half the people that live in your town in one day?

This is how you do it....

You wake up and decide today is the day that you will clean, clean, clean inside and out.

You decide to take your shower and wash your hair later because you will just get dirty cleaning.

You clean out the chicken coop, you hang clothes out on the line, you wash dishes, you feed all the animals,
you look at yourself in the mirror and grimace because your hair is so greasy but a shower later will feel great!

You have to run to the post office but that's o.k. because you don't have to see can just drive through and drop your mail into the drop box.

You drive back in your driveway and see several police cars stopped between your house and your mother in laws'.

You call her and she doesn't know what is going on and when you walk back outside people that you know are stopping in your driveway to ask you what is going on?

All I could think was......"Oh no....I am dirty, greasy headed, no makeup, smelly..."

As I'm talking to one of our friends who had driven by......another one pulled up to see what was happening.

Then another........and another........and another.......we live in a small town doesn't take long for news to spread.

My mother - in- law and my niece came to the house to see what I had found out.

Neighbors started coming over....

Apparently, right after I left, some hoodlums on an atv stopped and was snooping around the shed between our house and my brother - in - laws house.

Our good neighbor came over because he saw them and they tried to run....he caught one of them and they called the police.

Nothing was stolen (yet) but they were on a stolen atv.

They were arrested and taken to jail.

Very thankful for good neighbors to take action when something smells fishy, (besides me)

gotta go take a shower now.....:(


My Maine Blog said...

Wow...what a story...and how lucky you were that you have good neighbors and they were caught.

We had kinda' the same thing happen to us....twice. They broke into our house, totally trashed everything, stole anything and everything of value including the money that my daughter had made for her first singing gig on Christmas when she was 14 years old. They never caught them and the second time I walked in when they were still upstairs......I froze right in my footsteps...I couldn't move I was so scared. When I finally regained my composure I turned around walked out the door and ran the fastest I've ever run in my life. Of course by the time the police got there they were gone. That time they stole our spare car keys and I lived in fear for so long that they'd come back some night and take that too. We finally had to sell the house and move just for peace of mind. I was always afraid that I would come home again one day to the same scenario.

I am so glad they caught those awful people and they are in jail.
Talk about an exciting day.

Holly said...

So glad you've got good neighbors! This happens to me all the time, I tell myself all the time to shower first thing in the morning, I ignore myself, and then run into people. Gross

Lisa Tucker said... really had a scary experience. I'm so glad you were not hurt when you walked in on them. These were young 14 or 15 year olds...but it's so sad that they are already doing these things. Thank goodness I'm surrounded by good neighbors...that means a lot.

Lisa Tucker said...

It is so true Theresa....when will we learn? have prayed many times.."Please don't let me get in a wreck"....not because of getting hurt but because of what I looked like....:) Have a great day!

Lisa Tucker said...

Haha..Holly....I vow all the time....shower first, then seems like such a waste of water....:))) Have a great day!!

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

You have amazing wonderful that they are observant, and called the police. And...frankly that there are police to respond to the call.

I think our force here consists of 5 for the entire huge area.

Glad to hear that they caught them, showerless or not.


Lisa Tucker said...

Thank you Jen....we live right outside of the city limits but there are several houses around us and we all look out for each other....also God takes care because this neighbor is never home but he was on jury duty this week......God is good!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness -- I did giggle just a tinyyyyy bit but I could not help it -- the way you told about the event - it was (laugh able) but all kicking a side - glad it all end well..and you are safe..

My Little Home and Garden said...

I know the story has a serious overtone, but you told it is such a funny way. Why is it we run into people when we look a bit bedraggled! You just ran into many more than the usual!

Lisa Tucker said...

Thanks for stopping by My Little Home and Garden...:)))