Monday, April 1, 2013

Yippee Monday (did you buy that?)

It's bad when you don't know if you have the stomach virus or the "I ate the whole box of Swiss Cake rolls virus".......:(

In other news.....

Even the chickens are pulling pranks today..

As I was deciding what to name this post:

April Fools + Monday = Blah

Monday Madness

Just a Typical Monday

I started feeling sorry for Monday.....who does that?

You know....everyone hates Mondays.

It pulled the short straw.

You have Cinderella Saturdays,

and Snow White Sundays,

and then there is the evil, step sister, witch Monday.

Poor Monday......

(don't judge me, I'm on virus medication)

So I hope everyone has a great, mood medicated Monday....:)


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Holly said...

Swiss Cake rolls are da bomb!! That's why I never buy them. :(

Lisa Tucker said...

They are my absolute all time favorite and I try so hard not to buy them because I will not stop until I've eaten them all usually within one day....:(

Theresa said...

I've had that same virus :)

Lisa Tucker said...

Lol...Theresa.....maybe we should start a Little Debbie Snack cake's Anonymous group....:)))