Sunday, January 27, 2013

Get Busy!

Well it was a busy weekend and I loved it. 

 This past week I was in a lazy, sorry, blah mood and the more I laid around the worse I got.

I tried to break out of the funk but I just couldn't...I don't know why.

  My college son called and told me he was bringing friends home and that put a fire under me. 

Groceries had to be bought, sheets washed, floors cleaned and a whole lot of cooking needed to be done.

You would not believe what these boys can eat.

  I spend the whole weekend cooking a meal, washing the dishes and planning and cooking the next meal.  

But this momma's not complaining.  It makes me feel good.

In fact, not having a lot to do is probably part of my motivation problem.

I definitely get more done under pressure.

You dream of lying around and relaxing and reading or watching t.v. and that's o.k. after a hard days work but without the work, lying around makes you feel bad.

So I'm back on my horse and planning to get a lot done this week!

The beds will be made and the floors will be mopped.

I will  pick out the perfect color to lighten up my living room.

Tomorrow I plan to go to our local school and give blood.

I'm a little scared.......I'm scared the results will come back "fat" positive......:)

So, busy, busy, busy is what I hope to be this week.


The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.



Holly said...

I seriously need to know what you are baking in that top pic. It looks really good whatever it is. Your house looks warm and cozy just the way it is, I can see why he wants to come home.

Lisa Tucker said...

Thank you! Go to Nov. 2012 on my blog and I have the recipe and more pics there. They are my "Go to Party recipes". It is broccoli, chicken and cheese bites. But if you don't like broccoli I'm sure you can sub it with asparagus or some other veg. My family love it and it is so easy!

Donna said...

I agree, it feels good to be busy. Glad you're feeling energetic. I like your cozy house. Those broccoli, chicken and cheese bites look sooooo good!

Lisa Tucker said...

Why can't I reply? I don't know what happens on my blogger....anyway...Thanks Donna!! I finally got my mojo back and I hope it stays around awhile. The chicken bites are delicious and easy to do....:)