Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

My husband and I obviously have no sense of timing.

Our oldest son was born 1 week before Christmas and our other son was born on this day, New Years, 23 years ago.

  My poor children. 

Do you know anyone that wants to go to a birthday party the week before Christmas or the week after? 

 Birthday parties were sad. 

 I am not a good planner so at the last minute I would invite the neighbor kids and run to Walmart and get a cake and we would pretend that their presents weren't wrapped in Christmas paper. 

And then there is the birthday picture always with a Christmas tree lurking in the background.

 I'm so sorry my children.  Please plan better for your kids.

Happy Birthday to both of my boys!!!  Twenty Six and Twenty Three years old. Where has the time gone?

So let's talk about time.

  It's a brand new year!

  I am tired of my year just flying by and if the truth is told I probably wished many days to go by quickly.

So my new years resolution is to treasure each and every day. 

 To find all the little joys and squeeze the life out of each moment.

Cleaning the house?  Turn on your favorite music and look around.

 Don't see the mess and clutter.

 See the memories, see those toys on the floor, this means you have little ones still in your home....what a blessing!  See that mound of clothes to be washed.......you have a family!!!
Mud and dirt?  This is home to your guys.

Have to clean up a pets mess?  Think of all the joy that pet brings you each and every day.

The job is tedious and stressful....but you have a job...you help provide for your family....breathe in that feeling of providing and take pride in bringing home a paycheck.

I know every day won't be a happy one....but there is something to learn even in the bad days.

So this is my wish for each of you also......let's recognize the many miracles in our life each and every day and spread the joy. 

 Who knows.....this could change the world...it will change your part of the world for sure.


Michelle said...

Our time is not good either. My middle child and my husband have birthdays in December. My twins were born on New Years eve in Vegas. This year was their 21 birthday and yes they went to Vegas. Luckily we have family there that looked after them.

Lisa Tucker said...

Our poor children...:)....I'm sure Vegas was a good start in making it up to them....:)