Thursday, January 10, 2013

On Fire!

Do you ever talk to the tv?

I catch myself doing it quite a lot.

Maybe I need more friends?

But anyway last night I was flipping through the channels and I saw Alicia Keys singing “This girl is on fire”.

The first thing I said was “huh, so is this girl….it’s called hot flashes”.

I also noted that noone, not even Alicia Keys, should wear high waisted pants.

Why would you want to look like Urkel?

And you know how some celebrities can change their look and you can’t wait to see what style of clothes or hair they will wear next?

Taylor Swift is not one of them.

She always looks the same to me.  I kind of get bored with her.

And then I wonder how in the world I can judge them when I’m sitting on the couch, 50 lbs overweight in my sweatpants with uncombed hair

Because they get paid to look good and I don’t…so ha!  I kept my end of the bargain so I expect them to keep theirs…..:)

Another dreary day here, overcast skies with rain in the forecast.

I had lunch with friends yesterday and I have another lunch date with friends today…..see I have friends.

Love my friends, love lunch but hate deciding what this 10 more pounds, nothing fits, body will wear….:(

I WILL start exercising and eating right…………just as soon as lunch is over….:)


Have a blessed day!


Katharine Hoda said...

Is that a shed with a tin roof?

Lisa Tucker said...

The chicken coop? Yes it is just basically a plywood box with an old tin roof. My husband and my sons built it for me. I'll post additional pictures....I think I also have pics on my Pinterest page.