Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Downward Facing Dog

So far so good on being busy this week.....of course it is just Tuesday.

Yesterday I gave blood....and it took most of the day because they were short handed.
So by the time I got home, fed the animals, washed some clothes and cooked supper my day was done.

Today I worked on cleaning out our closet......this will be a two or three day process.  I informed my husband that it would be oh so helpful it we slept in another room tonight since all the clothing was piled up on our bed.  Me thinks he is not for that idea...:)

I took a little break because it was so sunny and warm outside and decided to get in some exercise.

I walked for 20 minutes to the back of our property and when I got back I decided I would finish it up with Jillian Michaels Yoga.

Oh my......ohhhhhhh......myyyyy.....

I am overweight and really really out of shape and this was the first day of exercising in a while so it was not a pretty sight.

At one point she said "your breath should match your movements..slow and easy." and I thought if my breath matched with all my herky jerky movements.....falling over and getting back up.....I would be hyperventilating!

Oh wait......I am....:)

Sambo the cat was mesmerized by me.....I think she thought "Is momma having a seizure?"

Haha....look at the blurry picture.....my arms were shaking so hard at this point.

And then the dog came over and said "hey look, I can do downward facing dog."

But I did it all!  I was so pumped that I got my juicer out and juiced up some spinach and apples.

It was......not......good.....

But I was fired up and thinking "Ok...this weight loss thing has finally clicked with me!"

But no.....the clicking sound was me opening the Pringles can...I ate half the can and a ham sandwich...:(

So now it's time for bed, tornadoes are headed our way, I still need a bath, the juicer has to be cleaned up and my bed is covered in clothes.

Was this a good day or not?

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings....:)


Farming On Faith said...

Yeah~ I can comment. I am so excited!
It worked!

Lisa Tucker said...

I'm so glad too...only one problem....my reply form has disappeared...I have to leave a comment to reply. Do you have any thoughts on that?..thanks for your help...:)

Cottage Dreaming and Flea Market Wishes said...

sounds like you had a good day and got alot done :)

Holly said...

blogger has been a stupid head today and is just now letting me leave comments. Yoga? Yuck! Jillian? Double yuck. Pringles? Yumm.

Lisa Tucker said...

I hope this energy lasts....I have a lot to do....:)

Lisa Tucker said...

haha....I know, right? What was I thinking....I got wiser as the night wore on.....:)

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Lisa...you make me laugh, I think the neighbours can hear me....

Hey girl you exercise like I do...and the pringles...snort.


Lisa Tucker said...

Thanks Jen....we could totally hang out...:)