Thursday, January 17, 2013


Well it’s snowing in Alabama!

At least it’s something different from all the rain we’ve been seeing.

It’s not sticking so it’s just turning into sludge…:(

My chickens don’t know what to think.


Now I realize that this is a very small amount of snow and any of you who live in areas that receive snow all the time are laughing at me right now.

But understand that we rarely, ever, have snow.

Tornadoes?….they don’t bother us….but snow?  We panic…lol.

And even this amount usually turns into wet, muddy roads and even ice.

This means roads are closed and schools are let out….funny huh?

The dogs are fascinated by it!


Sambo is not worried about it……all.


Oops…..left Baby Kitty outside..come on in…

baby kitty 

The birds?….they can handle it.

red bird

Me?…..I’ll handle it the best way I know how….


Pass the syrup please……:)


Holly said...

Oh, those biscuits look sooo good. We are starting to finally warm up here today. No snow this year yet but we do tend to get some every so often here in Phoenix. Just glad we are finally out of the 20's and today we are looking forward to the 70's. Try to stay warm and please pass the biscuits.

Lisa Tucker said...

Lol..Holly....they were delicious...and 70's sounds glorious right now....:)