Monday, January 21, 2013

Girl Trip!

Well I survived the day shopping with two pre-teen girls.  The day started off great...sun making our plans. 

We would shop a little, watch a movie and eat a lot!  I was so excited. 

 I raised two boys and didn't get to shop for cute girly clothes.

 I envisioned giggling, modeling and gushing.

  Boy was I wrong. 

 These girls reminded me of shopping  with my boys.

  They should be hostage negotiators...I actually heard this statement
"Now, my minimum of trying on dresses is zero and my max is 7."

Thank goodness we first went to Petco.
Even the fat hamsters are trying to get in shape this new year.

Then we saw him.
And then we saw them and our shopping trip was almost derailed.

 When we left Petco the girls had happy, smiling faces and a pep in their step.

  30 minutes into dress shopping they had dragging feet, a stomach ache, so very tired, dragging clothes along, barely getting a grunt.

So when I got the teensiest bit of excitement out of them when they spotted lime green skinny jeans I couldn't say no...sorry parents.  Now they nor I or even the check out lady knows what you wear with lime green skinny jeans so no shirt.

  After the skinny jeans I was thoroughly confused at what looked good or not and does it match, is it suppose to match, is that how that fits, so we just grabbed it all up in a pile and bought it all...once again....sorry parents.

 So we head out to the movies.

It is a crying shame that the only PG13 movie showing was a horror movie.  All the other movies were way worse!  So after a call to the parents I'm in line buying tickets and I give the girls $15 and tell them to get their coke and popcorn. 

 I walk up and they say we need $5 more.  

 Did y'all just get popcorn and a soda......yes m'!....but then I see the hulk
sized drinks and ginormous bucket of popcorn that would have fed the whole theater...but anyway we went back and had extra butter added...because we needed that.. and watched the movie.

  They had no problem with the movie but I had to cover my eyes a LOT during scary parts.......the funny thing is they only covered their eyes when the couple

So they said they were not scared at all and I will never open my closet doors again.  I hope I have a lot of clothes in the laundry room.

Then we go to Chilis to eat.

  They order steak and chicken and the adult (me) orders fried cheese sticks and a chocolate
molten lava cake...:)

......It was o.k. because I wasn't going to eat it all.......2 bites left counts!

 On our way home we  had to almost stop once or twice with Jolee being sick on her stomach from playing her kindle while riding and I almost had to stop because the buttered popcorn had mixed with the molten lava cake  and almost exploded.

 So I get home and I'm not sure how successful you are at shopping when you have to go inside and explain to parents the clothes that you purchased with their money!  You should have seen JoLee's dad's face when he saw the lime green skinny pants!

 Anyway we are finally home and I thoroughly enjoyed these two wonderful girls!

  Now I just want to crawl in bed and sleep but I can't.............because I think I heard a noise in my closet......:(


Holly said...

Oh my gosh! What a fun day. Buying the lime green skinny jeans sounds more like a nightmare than the moview itself. I love that dog!

Lisa Tucker said...

It was a great day with the girls but yes the lime green skinny jeans almost made me what's an Aunt to do? Buy them of course!!...:))