Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Hike With My Brother

My brother and I decided we would go on a hike behind my Mom and Dad's house like we did when we were kids.  It was a great adventure!  There are nothing but hills and hollers and a creek on their land.
  1. 1. holler. in the south east mountains of the united states this word is used instead of hollow;A small rising valley region between two hills or mountains.

    As you can see when he called and woke me up this morning and said let's go on a hike...I just rolled out of bed and didn't really think about my appearance and that I would be taking pictures....EEK!

    Anyway, we found shells all in the creek bed and we live 200 miles from the coast.  It fills you with awe as you think about this earth and the creation and how it has changed throughout all these years.

    There really are not many rocks in our area at all so we enjoyed the large boulders in the creek. 

    Then, if you look closely and have a good imagination we found prehistoric "fossils."

    We named her Trixie the T-Rex.

    And this is her nest with her eggs....:)

    A nose....see the nostrils...oh excuse me....a prehistoric nose...:)

    An upside down mushroom (I told you we had an imagination)

    We had a great time.  I'm glad my brother called me to go on this hike.  I'm glad he wants to spend time with me.  We hiked for 2 hours and it was all fun can hardly walk and I can't turn my neck.  Thanks little I see this was some kind of payback from our

    I'm telling Mom!!!


Dog Trot Farm said...

First of all let me say how much I have enjoyed reading your blog...and I love your chicken coop! Thank you for taking us along on your morning hike, I do see Trixie and her eggs. What fun. I have a bit younger brother too and do remember those words "I'm telling mom"! Sending greetings from Maine, Julie.

Lisa Tucker said...

Thank you Julie! I went straight over and visited your blog and immediately became a follower. You're so lucky to live in such a beautiful place and I can't wait to read more of your blog!