Friday, January 25, 2013


I looked in the rear view mirror of my car yesterday and almost wrecked......I saw a wrinkled face woman in the mirror.

  Heavens to Betsy it was me!! 

 You see, my house is dark and I like it that way especially now that I have seen what is uncovered in the light.

  So what am I going to do? 

 Just don't ever let my husband or my friends see me in daylight.

  The vampire movies are popular now.....I could tell them I am researching vampires for a book....yeah, that's it.

Just look at that skin....disgusting!

Oh well.....thank goodness my husband is a little older than me (a good tip for you girls) and he can't see very well anymore so maybe, just maybe, he can see me in the afternoon.

Now how can I cover up being overweight?  hmmmm.....


Holly said...

Not only is her skin amazing but her hoohaws are standing up without a bra. Disgusting! :)

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Every bit of aging is earned, be proud of is in our faces.


Lisa Tucker said... made me hoohaa out loud....we are on the same page....:)

Lisa Tucker said...

You are so right Jen...I needed to be reminded of that...:)but do I have to have ALL of my life on my face?