Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Power of Words


It doesn’t take much, really.  I don’t need things to make me happy.  I don’t need awards or trophies or words of praise.

This is what I need.


This is from my son who is in college.  I melt.

Or this sentence “Hey mom, what did you cook for supper?”

  This is from my son who lives on his own. I melt.

What about the phone call I got this morning from my husband asking if I was feeling better……..yes, this is what I need. I melt.

These words sink into the marrow of my bones.  They fill me up.

I treasure when my Mom calls and asks me to take her to her hair appointment.

I love when someone tells me that I’m just like my Dad.

My sister and my brothers texts.

Simple things, what are you getting Mom for her birthday?

My opinion matters. I melt.

The friends face book message……do you want to do lunch?

My Bible….”I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Words……beautiful, wonderful words. 

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