Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bras and Spanx


I went shopping yesterday with my mom and the day was going great until……we decided to go into the lingerie department of a big department store.

Have you ever  encountered  the “overly” helpful saleswoman? 

We were in the bra and spanx section and I know when she saw us she thought she had hit the jackpot.

Before we knew it she had slapped us in a dressing room and bringing in “letters” way down the alphabet, if you know what I mean ladies.  Men at this moment would have no clue.

She’d say things like “Come on outta that dressing room and turn around, tsk tsk, that’s way too small, it’s squishing all that fat out under your arm, you see that?”

“Let me go see if I can find a bigger size.”

She walks out and mom grabs my arm and whispers like we are trying to plan a jail break.  She said “I’m NOT trying on another thing and we are getting out of here!”

So I say “I’ll distract her while you get out of the dressing room.”

  I hurry out into the “bigger” section of lingerie and just grab the first cheap thing I could find and say to the saleswoman “I’d like to buy this please.”

While she is ringing up my purchase I see mom slip out of the dressing room and walk behind all  of the racks to get out unseen.

We celebrated the “great escape” by eating out at the Olive Garden with their donut thingies that you dip in chocolate as dessert!!

It’s the least we could do to “support” the “G” cup girls out there….;)

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