Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rainy days and cozy corners…..


I love rainy days.

  I love the darkened sky and the coziness of the day.

I turn on all the lamps in my house and I feel comforted.  I turn on the radio and get my housework done.  I like my cozy corners.


I’ll read my Bible and say prayers for my children.

  I’ll fold the laundry and watch the squirrels out my window.

I’ll pet the cat and hear him purr. 

Maybe I’ll balance the checkbook tomorrow.  I’ll put a pork roast in the crock pot and text a friend.

I’ll call my husband just to hear his voice.

Yes, I will play scrabble online with a friend and may even gloat when I spell a great word.


I’ll enjoy the peace and quiet of this day.

When the rain is over I will walk in the yard and breathe the cool, fresh air.

  I will watch the birds drink from the bird bath.

  I will be grateful for this day.

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Meet Kelly said...

I think we are best friends... this blog post just made me warm and cozy all over. :) Your yard looks magical... thanks for sharing!