Saturday, September 8, 2012


Do we all dream of having long, beautiful hair? I'm sure of it!! I know i do! I dream of having thick, shiny, long hair. I would wake up in the mornings, looking a little sexy, messy, and depending on my mood gather my hair in a cute, sassy ponytail.

The ponytail trick


Or….if my mood was romantic, I could put it up in a bun or a beautiful braid.


But the reality is this….but not that good because I have a fat face.  Sad      

women very short haircut


And I have tried…..oh how I’ve tried….to let it grow out.  That’s when the barrettes, headbands, and bobby pins all come out.  But the final straw, when I know I can’t take it anymore, is when I walk around the house holding my bangs in a wad and pulling them straight up….I can’t take it!!  So my hats off to you (or in my case maybe I need to leave the hat on..Smile) to all of you that can grow your hair out after you have had a short haircut.  I think I will go watch G.I. Jane now.

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