Monday, September 17, 2012

Men! You can’t live with em’ but you just can’t shoot em’!


Let’s talk about men.  I wonder how they all have not been strangled by their women.  Why, you ask?

Is there a such thing as true love?

Let’s just say you’re going to have a party at your house.

 You call everyone or send out invitations, clean the house, shop for food, unload the groceries, cook the food, sweep the floors, mop the floors, sweep the porch, call the babysitter, chill the wine,

drink some wine,

walk past your husband 100 times who is sitting on the couch watching t.v., you take a shower, set the table, make sure there’s ice, put the animals in their kennels, glare at husband,

drink some wine,

take food out of oven, light some candles,  iron your clothes, iron your husbands clothes, yell at your husband to get off the couch and get ready,

drink some wine,

stub your toe, burn the rolls,

drink some wine,

ask your husband where the extra card table is, wonder how he could have forgotten  the only thing you asked him to do,

drink some wine,

greet the guests, and overhear your husband apologizing to the guests because you are tipsy from drinking too much wine!!!

Example #2.

You and your husband decide to build a deck. 

You buy deck magazines, you look up deck pictures on Pinterest, you read all about decks, you study deck structures.

You have many restless nights dreaming about the perfect deck for your house.  You finally, after much agonizing pick your deck plan.

This decision was reached because of how well this deck will integrate with your landscaping. 

You have waited years to build this perfect deck.

Your husband hires the builder and you go out of town.  You come home to a deck that is nothing like the deck you picked out.

You feel your heart beating faster, your face getting hot and you are in a state of shock.  You sputter to your husband…”What happened??? Why is this nothing like the deck I picked out?” 

He shrugs and says..

”He (the builder) called me and said he was having problems figuring out the plans to your deck so I just told him to build it like he wanted to.

Why?  Is that not o.k.?”

But then………………….

You can be having the worst day of your life and your husband call and ask if you’re o.k.

  You can come home and he will have already cooked supper.

You can get in your car and it has been filled with gas and cleaned. 

You can feel his hand find yours during the night.

He will call you and tell you to listen to his radio and it will be playing your favorite song.

You will overhear him tell someone that you are the reason his kids are good kids.

He will worry when you’re sick and he will want you by his side when he is.

  He will make you so mad you want to strangle him but he will make you so happy that you don’t.

 This is what you call…….true love.

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