Sunday, September 30, 2012

10 Things I Know For Sure


1.  There is no such thing as purple rain.

2.  Chickens will break your heart…..and so will children.

3.  You should never sneeze with a sleeping cat on your lap.


4.  If you don’t like one of these: Football, Baseball, Hunting or Fishing, you can’t live in the South.


5.  If you start an exercise program and you are sweating, huffing, puffing, moaning and groaning just getting out of bed then you need to stick to it.

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6.  Sweat pants are not acceptable to wear to a funeral but yoga pants are as long as you color the yoga man with a black magic marker.

7.  Your college kid will always answer yes if you ask him if he needs money.

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8.  What goes up will come down……except my weight.

9.  Someone will always be prettier, skinnier, smarter and younger so just be happy with yourself just as you are.

10.  Jesus is the answer to everything.


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Brittney Harvell said...

Mrs. Lisa, I am Chelsy Brasell's roommate and I love your blog!....I LOVE it!

Lisa Tucker said...

Thank you Brittney!!!! I've been dying for someone to comment so thank you, thank you for commenting. I hope I don't disappoint and I hope you have a wonderful day!