Saturday, September 15, 2012


I’m sitting here this morning realizing how blessed we are.  In the simple things, like drinking a hot cup of coffee on a cool morning.DSC03902

I love that one son is sleeping upstairs and the other one is right down the road at his house.

  I love that I can hear birds and roosters and I even hear a power saw in the distance and I think,  isn’t it great that we live in the country and isn’t it great that we live in this country, this great USA.

I love that I can read blogs and facebook and see what my friends are doing today.

I love my chickens.DSC03908

I love when my husband holds my hand during the night.  I love when a friend texts me and asks me to pray for someone.

I love when my college kid comes home and sits on our bed and talks to us.  I love when my other grown son stops by to eat supper and watch a movie with us.

I love dogs at my feet and a cat on my lap.

I love watching ballgames with my friends and planning the food for that day.

I love when my mom calls and wants to do a project and when my dad goes fishing with my guys.

I love when my driveway is full of trucks and boots by the door. DSC01780

Just not such dirty boots….:(..ugg.

I love that God gave us seasons, and just when we are tired of one the other springs forth.DSC00410

I love when last years jeans still fit. I love left over pound cake for breakfast with my coffee.

I love precious children who are happy to see you. I love chippy swings and the color red.


I could go on and on about the things I love but I will have to save it for another post.

I hope you all realize how blessed we all are and I hope you enjoy the simple pleasures in life.  It really all boils down to one word………..LOVE………..DSC03919

I love my Lord Jesus Christ and I hope you all enjoy your blessed day!

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