Friday, September 14, 2012

Good Morning! It’s Friday y’all!

Another glorious day! 

I’m up with the chickens!

My husband and I had our morning coffee together before he had to go to work.  I say goodbye to him and I’m off to feed the chickens.

You know all the sweet blogs that show beautiful farms and the cute ladies that live on them.

You know, they wear precious aprons and are a size 4 and have beautiful gardens and homes and yards.

  Well, this is nothing like that….DSC03893

This, is my chicken feeding attire most every morning.

Yes, this is my pajamas and rubber boots that I found in Dirt Cheap for $5.

I’m sorry. 

As you can tell even from this angle, I am not a size 4.

  My only excuse is that the chickens are hungry and they don’t care what I wear, except Aunt Bea .DSC03887

She just has a bad attitude…all….the…time.

I love going to the chicken yard and talking to them.  They all gather at the fence and are so excited to see me.

My dogs come out there and lie around in the cool dirt.

My cats follow me around and sometimes climb the fence and get inside with the chickens.  They are all friends.

I love looking inside the coop and seeing this.DSC03889

It’s a great start to a great day!  As I’m walking back to the house I check out my flowers DSC03878

and birdhouses.DSC03883DSC03880

How do you start your day?

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