Monday, April 8, 2013

A Work Day in the Yard and a Coup in the Coop!

Today was a good day.

It was a tiring day.

It was a work hard day.

But it was a good day.

I decided that if I was going to finish up some projects and do them right then I HAD to buy some plants.

Don't just half way do my projects.(which I do all the time because I feel bad about spending the money) it right!

So I made up my mind and went to Walmart.

  Thirty minutes later my buggy is overflowing with plants.

People are staring.

I feel they are thinking "We are just trying to feed our family and she is buying a cart full of plants!
She has more money than she needs obviously....sheesh!"

So when I recognized someone in the store, what was the first thing I said loudly...."We may not eat this week but I'm going to have some flowers!"

I'm not rich but I've got my priorities right.....:)

Anyway....I'm thinking I'll spread these flowers all around and cover most of my projects.........wrong.

I think I used almost all of them on two areas....:(

Here is the before of one of my projects

I decided I needed to stain my posts and paint my lattice and add more flowers....

The after:
Better?.....I think so...:)

I refreshed the coop with new mulch and added some flowers to the bed and added a little white picket fence at the bottom but I still have to stain the posts and paint the lamppost and a few other things.
Oh....and paint the chairs red.
Many projects to come....:)

But as I was working on the coop......Millie walked up to me and said "Psst.....we need to talk to you"

I said "OK"....and I noticed the other girls had already gathered together and were whispering.

They said "Can you neuter the Rooster?  We have voted that either he is neutered or he has to go!"

One of the girls has already found a one bedroom condo.

I told them I would see what I could do about getting the Rooster neutered.....I didn't know he was right behind me....



Holly said...

You did such a great job with the painting and planting. That area looks lovely. Love the birdhouses!
I always think I have more plants and flowers than I actually do. I went to a container gardening seminar last weekend and was told to "cram" everything together, it looks better and they don't need as much space as we think we do. This, of course, means that you spend a lot more money in just one tiny little area. Not sure how I feel about that but I'll see how it looks when things start to grow. I used to shop for shoes and clothes, now I buy plants. And my fingernails are always dirty. Such is life.

My Maine Blog said...

Good Morning Lisa...You are such a busy little bee and you are so resourceful. I love your little garden and what a difference from before and pretty and so creative. I'm still watching the snow melt here and can't wait to get my summer flowers growing on the patio and the front yard. I'm just like you...I start something and then go off and do something else before I finish...I think I'm afraid if I finish anything then I'll run out of things to do. It's kind of an insurance policy to never run out of busy things to do. Talking about insurance policies...I can't believe what bad luck we have. Our house is only 7 years old and my hubby went out to start putting a new coat of paint on the started to peel etc. So he started scraping away and poked a hole right through the trim on the front door. He kept going and our entire door frame and threshold was totally rotten through and through. Of course the insurance company is debating whether or not they'll cover the just got an estimate to have it replaced and so it looks like my flower budget just went out the window..ka-ching. Oh well at least the front door will look pretty...maybe we'll paint it red like your Coop.
Thanks Lisa for all of your kind words and comments're such a wonderful friend that I treasure. Hugs

Lisa Tucker said...

Thank you Holly! I can't imagine having enough flowers to "cram" them in a pot....the beautiful pots you see in Southern Living has to have $100 worth of flowers in it. The best plant I have found to fill up pots and beds is Sweet Potato it! Oh...dirty fingernails here all summer...:) Have a good day Holly!

Lisa Tucker said...

Good morning My Sweet Maine..:) I hope your snow melts and you start warming up very soon! Your door situation sounds like us around here...I'm scared to touch anything because you never know what's lurking beneath the Well at least you caught the rot before it spread any further and i think a bright red door will cheer you right up! I also cherish your friendship and am so thankful that God blessed me to find you...:) Have a great day my friend...:)

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Everything is so cute at your place.

Poor rooster, he kind of looks like Phil the pheasant, I know for a fact that the girls are unhappy with him.


Lisa Tucker said...

What are we going to do with them? days may be numbered around here...:(

My Maine Blog said...

Hi Lisa...I've been thinking about you today as I am watching the news about all of the bad weather that was heading your way. I hope that you are safe and sound and not anywhere near where those awful tornadoes are causing so much destruction. Stay safe and hope all is well.

Lisa Tucker said...

You are so sweet...My Sweet we speak we are having terrible thunderstorms....praying we will have no tornadoes but there are warnings and watches all around us....thank you so much for asking....appreciate and hugs to you.

My Maine Blog said...

Love and hugs right back to you Lisa and hope you and your family are safe...sending some prayers your way too. So scary going through those awful warnings.
It just went through parts of Nashville too so I'm just puttin' the worry on all of you down South and lots of extra prayers being said.