Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Super Love

A rescue worker carries a boy on his back as emergency personnel rescue residents from flood waters brought on by Hurricane Sandy in Little Ferry, New Jersey.
( Adam Hunger, Reuters / October 30, 2012

As the devastation of the super storm is aired on television I am reminded of how good our God is and how caring and loving he made his people. 

 My heart goes out to the people who lost loved ones.

  I'm so sad for the ones who lost their homes or businesses.

  But I'm encouraged at the attitude of the victims.

  Deep down people know that they know that they know that this is all temporary here on earth and what a glorious home we have that awaits us.

  It truly is all about love here on earth.

  How can we love our neighbor? 

 How can we love our enemy?

How can we love each other?

  As the election is looming I was feeling no love in the air.

  Isn't it funny how God can change things so quickly? 

 A terrible tragedy for sure but the feeling in the air is love.

  I pray we can keep it around for awhile. 

 Prayers and love..........

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