Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meet Our Animal Family

This is Pook (I know..terrible name...my husband named him). Pook is the oldest of the bunch. He is 10 years old.  My husband bought him for a squirrel hunting dog but he is deathly afraid of thunder, lightning, guns and squirrels...:)

Next is Bucky.  He is the biggest, sweetest baby you have ever seen.  He weighs 100 pounds and he is 7.  My husband dearly loves him and they have nicknames for each other and they have conversations....ummhmm....my husband calls him Hound Dog and Bucky calls my husband Tator.  Did you get all that?  My husband will come inside and say to me "Bucky just told me something" and I say what? and he will say "Bucky said... 'Tator are we going in the truck today?'"....you see what I live with...are you still with me?

Then we have Breesy.  I have two sons and my husband so we had to name her after a football player so we all agreed we liked Drew Brees from the N.O. Saints and that's how she got named.  She is only a year old and she is very funny.  She's always into something.  That's why she has a cut on her head and under her eye.

This is my big Baby Kitty...that's his name...Baby Kitty.  I think it is so funny because my husband doesn't like cats but he tolerates them for me and it's always funny to me when my husband says "Get that Baby Kitty out of my chair please."...haha...I love to hear him say Baby Kitty.

Believe it or not, this is Baby Kitty's mom.  Sambo is her name.  She is so tiny and light and soft....nothing like Baby Kitty.  They are both great mousers.  And they both love to lay in my lap.  I love them.

Next we have Foghorn Leghorn....the longest spurs in the South...that's what he says.  He's a good rooster...he won't eat first...he's always looking out for his ladies.

And this is Lucy.  Lucy is the only redhead of the bunch and the rest of them kind of shun her.  She said they are just jealous of her and she may be right.

These are the Pointer Sisters.  They are always together and singing.  I think they are working on their dance routine right now.

This is Millie.  She has a twin sister Tillie.  They bicker all the time about boyfriends, clothes, etc.

This is Tillie.  She makes Millie mad because she says she is skinnier than her.

And then there is Aunt Bea.  She is so mean.  She has almost been fried chicken many times. She plucks the feathers out of the other hens and they are all scared of her.  I will get a switch after her and she knows I'm talking to her....she will run to the corner and squawk.  She needs anger management.

These are not our roosters.  They belong to my husband's brother, who lives next door.  We call them Jesse James and Billy the Kid...because they are outlaws.  Our rooster does NOT like them.  My rooster and these two will walk 10 paces and turn quickly and shoot crow.  Our rooster says he always wins because he's got the ladies...;)

So there you have it......our animal family.  I hope I didn't bore you too much but I thought you probably needed to meet them because they will be in my blog a lot.  Thanks for tuning in.  Have a great day!

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