Monday, October 22, 2012

Multiple Personalities

I'm so confused.

 I think I read too many blogs.

I want to be a cute little housewife (dieting blogs),

 live on a precious farm (farm blogs) with an adorable barn, chicken coop and garden (garden blogs).

 I also want to shoot beautiful images with my camera (photography blogs),

 and live the simple life (simple life blogs).

  I want to can all my vegetables and make my own cheese (homestead blogs). 

 I want an all white kitchen and white slipcovers for my couch (cottage blogs)

 or maybe I want wood walls with a cozy leather couch and plaid curtains (cabin blogs).  

 I want to live in England, or Switzerland or Australia (out of country blogs).

 I want, I want, I want......then I read deny yourself and give all to others (Christian blogs).

Help!! I'm so confused.....I don't know who I am anymore. 

 I so enjoy these blogs but I need to find a balance of what I'm reading and what is my real life. 

 I wonder if there is a bloggerholic blog?....:)

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