Friday, October 26, 2012

Clothes Line Wars!


My husband and I have to thoroughly argue   discuss a project  before it takes place at our house. 

 I beg ask for a project to be done and he has to say why do we need this and I have to come up with good reasons yada, yada, yada.....

So I affectionately title my posts on facebook Chicken Coop Wars and now Clothes Line Wars. 

 I will fill you in on the Chicken Coop Wars later. 

 So last week I told my husband that we needed a clothes line...the conversation went like this.

   Me:  Dear sweet hubby I would like a clothes line please, please, please? 

  Hubby:  Let me get this straight.  You have a high efficiency washer and dryer and the clothes are piled up to the ceiling in the laundry room because you can't keep up with the laundry and you want a clothes line??? 

   Me:  Yes, please. 

  Hubby:  We don't need a clothes will make the clothes stiff and the dogs would probably tear the clothes down and the dirt and the dust...uh uh...we don't need one.

    Me:  That may all be true but you are missing a very important point..........I can make it cute....;))

I can hang bird houses on it and have flowers planted at the bottom of the post with vines climbing will be darling.  

 Hubby: (blink, blink) sigh.....(he recognizes the look in my eyes and realizes defeat)

 Where do you want it?

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