Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Meet Millie


                                           I had a favorite chicken.....her name was Nugget.

                           She went missing one day...I think she flew out and something got her. 

                       I was so very sad.  We originally acquired 9 chickens....8 hens and 1 rooster. 

 Nugget stood out at the beginning.

  She was so friendly and the only one that would let me pick her up. 

 Anyway she is gone but not forgotten. 

 Today, I want to introduce you to Millie. 

She is almost friendly.

  Some days she will let me pick her up and some days not.

  She always acts scared when I pick her up. 

 I'm determined she is going to be my new best friend chicken. 

 Have you ever seen Tiny Toons with the little girl named Elmira....that loves her animals....to death? 

 She hugs them and squeezes them and they are scared to death of her...lol...well I think that is how Millie looks at me. 

 I tell her "We are going to be best friends and you're going to love me!"......aahhemm (clearing throat)...where was I?

  Anyway, Millie loves....I mean loves for me to bring the shovel into the coop.

  I will dig in the ground and they will gobble up worms and bugs.

  But this day I was trying to scrape back some dirt so my coop door would open easier and she was trying to be a bit too helpful. 

 She does this every time. 

I hope you enjoy.


Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Tooo cute! She was so sweet "helping" and I adored hearing your pretty southern accent! I so get what ya mean about loving them to death... Me n my kids sometimes feel the critters think that way about us!

Lisa Tucker said...

uggg...my voice.....I forget how close I am to the mike...I hate how I sound so thank you for saying that. I hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving!