Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dream, Reality and The Good Parts

I know that my title is strange, right?

  But this pretty much summed up my day.

I woke up to a beautiful day, the sun was streaming through the trees and we have a brand new day to make wonderful.

Oh, the possiblities of such a day. 

 I was going to clean my house from top to bottom. 
Banish all weeds and undergrowth from my yard.
  Maybe bathe the pets and wash my car. 

 Of course the world would be rosy also. 

 People would drive by and blow their horns and yell "your yard looks great!". 

There would be no bad news on t.v. today.  How can life not be grand on such a beautiful day?

And then I see this..

No, not the trans fat free thing,  that's suppose to be a good thing...I'm talking about the sign at the top of the door.



Now I completely get the no masks request but no hoodies??? 

 What do the hoodies do?  I love to wear hoodies.

  I guess maybe you can hide your face if you are robbing the place? 

 It just makes me sad. 

 It makes me sad for the people who own the store.

  It makes me sad for the people who are so lost that they rob a store.

 It makes me sad for hoodies. 

It just makes me sad.

 And there went the sunshine from my day. 

 The trans fat free oil was good but it just couldn't overcome my new mood.

  I tried to get my mojo back. 

 I watched t.v. and they didn't get the memo about only airing good news. 

 The wind picked up and the sun went behind the clouds. 

 When evening came we were invited to a cookout but I really didn't want to go.

  But at the last minute we went and I'm so glad that we did.

  Here is where "the good parts" come in.

Tell can you not have a happy heart going on a hay ride with these precious children?

The can't.

Although I may have scared them some with my enthusiasm.

So dream, but don't expect life to be perfect.

 Just make sure you are present for the perfect parts.

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