Friday, November 2, 2012

Finally Friday!

It's Friday....yea!! 

I had to work one and half days this week and it just about killed me. 

That is all it took for me to remember the days of coming home at 5 exhausted and then have to figure out what to cook for supper, do some laundry, help with homework, feed the animals, pay some bills, take a bath, call my mother, sweep a little, iron clothes for the next day, spend some time with the husband and kids.....whew...all of that in a few hours before you crash into bed. I do remember those days and I can sympathize with those who do this every day.

  When you get out of that habit it is hard to jump back in.

  Thank goodness I don't have to............yet.  I feel my days are numbered though.

  Anyway it threw off mine and my husbands whole routine. 

 I came home early (thank goodness) and noone had put Breesy (the dog) in her gated area and she was upstairs sprawled out in the middle of my son's bed. 

 I had to strip the entire bed and do another load of laundry. 

 Did I tell you we had sandwiches and potato chips for supper?

  The poor chickens did not even get their cooked oatmeal (gasp)! 

 Dessert was..............halloween candy!

 Did the floors get swept?  I think you know the answer to that. 

 I couldn't even watch the CMA awards because I was in bed asleep at 9 p.m. 

 It is a lot of work to stay at home and get most things accomplished but ladies, those of you that work full time and then come home and accomplish things,

 I applaud you.

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