Thursday, November 29, 2012

Priceless Gifts

While I was cleaning out some files one day I came across some  letters my boys wrote when they were children.

My oldest boy who is soon to be 26 was 11 years old when he wrote his Christmas wish list.

Oh it makes my heart happy.  By the way he didn't get quite everything on his list....but almost.

And then my youngest son who is 22 wrote this letter to me when he was 8 years old.

   I think he was trying to butter me up right before Christmas.

They must have been studying the two sides of your brain in't this hilarious.

I'm so glad that  the two sides (& size) of my brain are always working.

  And I love how he said "yeah, I write to you a letter."

These two letters mean more to me than any present you could ever give me.

So I encourage parents of small children to save every scrap of paper they give you. 

I promise you they will be priceless gifts one day.

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