Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Hunt That Never Happened

Me: Hey, I want to go turkey hunting with you one time this year.

Shannon: Really? (grinning) you want to go in the morning?

Me:'s going to be way too cold in the morning.  I'll wait till it warms up
some and I need to go shopping and buy a turkey outfit, I like those gorilla suits,

Shannon: Ghilli suits is what they are called

Me: oh....well....I need a ghilli suit, and boots, my boots I have are very old
and I don't think they fit right and I know they are not insulated and I hate it
when my feet get cold, don't you hate it when your feet get cold? And gloves
because if my feet or hands get cold then I freeze to death.  And I'm not
sure about your guns, I need to shoot them and see which one I can shoot
the best and I don't want it to kickback, that hurts, and oh yeah, I need one
of those mask thingies and please don't make me walk very 
know the reason I stopped going with you is because you got on to me for
breathing too loud.....geesh.....I have to breathe you know.....hey where are
you going? I wasn't through talking....what do you mean maybe I shouldn't
go with you?

My one and only hunting photo many, many years ago with my Sally Jessy Raphael glasses...ha!


Holly said...

Ummm, eww

Lisa Tucker said...

What, the glasses??? I

Anonymous said...

you sure can tell it right -- funny funny -- cute photo glasses and ll well -- - not the deer!!