Monday, March 11, 2013

Gut Check!

Gut check!!!!'s still there....:(

Have a great Monday....


My Maine Blog said... crack me up. Where do you come up with these funny ideas...I would love to have a mind like are too funny. You never fail to make me laugh and smile. Pretty soon I'll be able to wear my jeans again and dispose of these stretchy pants...they've just gotta' go. I love this photo Lisa. Are those in bloom now in your yard?
They are just beautiful but I don't know what they are...just beautiful with red background.

Lisa Tucker said...

Wow...I'm so happy for you...I see that you are really eating healthy...I'm trying...consistency is my problem..:(...the flowers in my header?? That was last years photo but they are just starting to bloom's a Lady Banks rose that I have on an arbor...I love them because they are thornless but they only bloom in the spring.