Saturday, March 2, 2013

Are You In?

I know it way too early to even think about Summer yet.....I know, I know, it's not even Spring but I am hoping we can start a new trend for this Summer and we need to get an early start.

I mean we could start dieting and exercising and going to tanning salons to get ready.

And we usually start all of that about this time of year.


We could all band together and bring these swimsuits back in style...:)

Now who's with me?


Holly said...

I stand firm with what Erma Bombeck said a long time ago, "I need a bathing suit with sleeves!"

Dog Trot Farm said...

The older I become, the more appealing these swimsuits are...where did my bikini days go...sadly, gone for good. ugh!

Anonymous said...

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My Maine Blog said...

I'm with you Lisa...I think you're onto something "big". Not only could we start a new trend but I bet if we got busy and started sewing and then put them up for sale on our blogs we could make some pretty decent money...sound like a plan?

Lisa Tucker said...

Maine....I cannot sew..:( And we would have to buy parachutes for enough material for mine...:(