Saturday, March 30, 2013

Clothesline Wars!

Tanner (college son) came out of the bathroom holding a towel and said " what is wrong with these towels?"

 I said " don't they smell good?...they were hung out on the clothesline."

 Shannon (the hubby) is just sitting there all smug because he knew....he knew...

Tanner turns back to go in the bathroom and I heard him say

 "it might smell good but it will take all of your skin off ."

 Shannon -1. Clothesline -1


Holly said...

I've dealt with that too. Now, after the clothes are dry I throw them in the drier with a half a bounce sheet and let them spin for about 5 mintues. Super soft.

My Maine Blog said...

I love it !!!! Love you too my bestest blogger friend. Got my smile for the day...just by coming here. Aren't kids the funnest. I love your shot of the clothesline...sooo like me. A Happy Easter to you and your lovely family.

W. Latane Barton said...

I LOVE the smell of clothes dried on the line. Sure, they aren't all soft and cuddly but you could just bury your face in them and be content.
Have a Happy Easter, Lisa.

Theresa said...

Haha...wait until he has to put a pair of line dried jeans on!

Just found your blog and saved it to read back through.

Theresa said...

Okay....three hours later I just finished reading back through your blog. Had to laugh at the getting into the wrong car post. Love that you popped the hatch before you realized it was not your car....too funny!!

Lisa Tucker said...

Thank you my sweet Maine! Happy Easter to you to my friend...:)

Lisa Tucker said... have truly made my day. I can't believe you read all of my posts....I can't stop smiling...:)))) I'm so glad you commented and I hope you visit often. Have a great Easter!

Anonymous said...

Haha = got me laughing again because I've heard those words from my own mouth..hehe -- but have learned right before the towels are dry - throw them in the dryer with a dryer softener.. it make all the different and you are saving yourself from hearing any complaining.. Hugs